My name is Inomjon Ramatov from Uzbekistan, and I got my master's degree of Computer Science and Technology from Yangtze university. I am co-founder and lead AI algorithm engineer at TASS-Vision Co.Ltd in Uzbekistan now.

In 2016, I received an acceptance letter from Yangtze university and it was the beginning of the big journey. First days there was a little problem adjusting myself with  new people, new schedule, new place, but slowly I got used to live here. There were a lot of people around me very kind and helpful. Especially Dr.Zhan Wei, teachers like him very hard to find. I really appreciate his all hard work to help me. With guidance of the my teacher, I started experience in Computer vision  and got opportunity have internship in the Simshine Co.Ltd , a company works on Computer Vision and produce on device AI cameras. Also, I want to say thanks to the International Student Office (ISO) for their support while I was studying in China.

I am very proud to be a student of the wonderful School of Computer Science at Yangtze University.  Currently, as I mentioned above working as Lead Computer Vision and AI algorithm engineer in Uzbekistan. Because of my big love for China I encouraged our CEO and CTO to do business with Chinese companies and learn from them, work together and make the world better place together. As a result, our company made a contract for millions of dollars with Chinese companies profitable for both sides. And this is just beginning.

As a Chinese saying “Study hard and make progress everyday” , and use Yangtze university programs to boost your study and knowledge.