Facts and Figures

Facts about YU

Laboratory area: 8685.99㎡;

Operation platforms: 1500;

Faculty members: 120;

Professors: 21; Associate professors: 29; Lecturer: 50

‘Chutian Scholars Program’ distinguished professor: 1;

Chair professor: 1;

‘Yangtze University Scholars’ distinguished professor: 1;

Medical School: 1

Clinical Medical Colleges: 3

Affiliated Three level of first-class hospitals: 3


Key Laboratories  

Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Resources and Exploration Technology  


Key Laboratory of Ministry of Agriculture  

Key Laboratory of Freshwater Fish Germplasm Resources and Biological Technology  


Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education  

Engineering Research Center of Wetland Agriculture in the Middle Reaches of Yangtze River  


Hubei Provincial Key Laboratories  

Laboratory of Flood and Water logging Disasters & Wetland Agriculture  

Laboratory of Oil and Gas Drilling Engineering


Key Laboratories of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)  

Laboratory of Logging  

Laboratory of Geophysical Exploration

Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir

Laboratory of Geochemistry

Laboratory of Drilling Engineering

Laboratory of Oil-gas Recovery

Laboratory of HSE


Hubei Provincial Bases for Humanities and Social Sciences Research  

Jingchu Culture Research Center  

Hubei Rural Development Research Center  



Centers and Institutes  

National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center  

Electrical and Electronic Experimental Teaching Center  


Hubei Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers  

Physical Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center  

Chemical Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

Mechanical Engineering Training Center

Oil & Gas Exploration and Development Experimental Teaching Center

Clinical Skills Experimental Teaching Center

Civil Engineering Experimental Teaching Center

Economic Management Experiment Teaching Center

English Language Learning Demonstration Center


Training Base of Ministry of Agriculture  

Modern Agricultural Technology Training Base