I am Consolatha Chambi, an Agricultural Officer working under Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives in Tanzania. I came in China since September 2015 to pursue a 3-year Master program in Plant Protection in the School of Agriculture at Yangtze University. My Master Study was very interesting journey for my career and my whole life stay in China in which I gained various new knowledges and skills related to my studies. Also I acquired a lot of opportunities to learn new things concerning to my studies and social related issues from my colleagues and teachers mainly my supervisors Professor Wang Wenkai and Dr. Wang Fulian. Moreover, they introduced me with various delicious foods such as hotpot, dumplings, steams buns and others many. I real enjoyed Chinese foods and appreciate their kindness during my three years of stay in China. Therefore, I have been encouraged and motivated to come again at Yangtze University for my PhD study.

My ambition to achieve a Master Degree in Plant Protection has been fulfilled within time, thanks to my supervisors Professor Wang Wenkai and Dr. Wang Fulian for their support in each step of my journey. Also, I wish to thank International student office (ISO) for their help and strong support whenever I needed it. During my three years of study I was able to achieve a lot of my dreams; I got good grades on all my subjects. With the help of my supervisors I managed to publish scientific paper in the SCI journal. Also, I have another paper which is under review in the Journal of Environmental Entomology (SCI journal). Through this hard working, it’s my expectation that I have enabled Yangtze University to raise its country rank and global rank.

On June 2018, I was awarded with Master Degree in Plant Protection. Also, I was honored to be one of representatives of graduated International Students during the award ceremony. I plan to go back to my country to continue with my work and utilize properly the knowledge and skills I gained during my M.Sc. Degree study in China. I hope I will be a good ambassador to link my country with China in many issues related to Agriculture. I am much honored to be an alumna at Yangtze University, and then I will be an ambassador of this reputable university whenever I will be. I will recommend students from my country and other countries to come and fulfill their dream at Yangtze University. Yangtze University has many experienced and highly qualified Professors in Agriculture related fields, especially my Major Plant Protection.

Finally, I wish to give my sincere thanks to Chinese Government under Ministry of educations through Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) who managed to finance my Master Degree study and my life stay in China.