I am Gulraba Kassimova, a Master student in faculty of MTI, Beijing Language and Culture University, in China.

I came to China for the first time in 2015, to Yangtze University under the program of exchange of students, majoring in: “Two foreign languages: English and Chinese”. Study abroad – the thoughts and hopes of many in our days. It guarantees a stable career, a bright future and friends for life from around the world. My cherished dream of learning a language came true at the university. I call it “my university”, because of the first friends, professional teachers, unforgettable memories and happy moments that I had at this university. I am very grateful for the opportunity to study abroad, as this is an invaluable experience for a person who studying a language in the target country. Thanks to Yangtze University after graduation I had a desire to continue my studies in China and my first impression of China has not changed.    

While studying at Yangtze University I had a great experience with exciting adventures and many useful skills. Very friendly fellow students and highly qualified teachers is a society which is needed for a student. The University has all conditions for self-learning, sports, leisure time and self-improvement that will not let you get bored. The students of Yangtze University are really friendly and welcoming. And the campus itself is very big and tidy. When you are in it, you feel as if in another town different from Jingzhou. After entering the university, I tried to participate in all the activities, which are held a lot there, because you can get a lot of new acquaintances, bright emotions and experience. There are student associations (such as ICCA, ISSA, ISEA) that will always help you, advise and support all your new ideas and suggestions, and are always glad to welcome you in their ranks.  

Yangtze University cooperates with many universities abroad. Scientists of foreign universities and other educational and scientific organizations take part in the educational process for bachelors, masters, Ph.Doctoral candidates as visiting professors and research associates. This is a great advantage for development of the most versatile methods for learning. In the process of studying at Yangtze University, I not only raised the level of my knowledge, but also got a great opportunity in terms of achieving my goals and motivation for life.

I fully support the student exchange program, because it realizes the dreams and desires of many students who gain new knowledge and will make a significant contribution to their profession as I am, for this I am very grateful to Chinese Government, Yangtze University and Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University for supporting the students and providing all conditions for the sake of education. I really hope that students like me will not miss the opportunity to study in wonderful University and get a decent education for their future.