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YU New International Students in 2022 Fall Semester (5)--UNDRAL AMARBAYAR 红德希 蒙古 计算机科学与技术 本科

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My name is Undral Amarbayar. I am a first-year bachelor’s student majoring in Computer Science and Technology at Yangtze University. I was born and raised in Mongolia, but lived a small portion of my life in Russia. During my time in Russia, I was able to learn not only Russian but English as well. Being a child that is born in the technology advanced era, computer and technology is a big part of my life, and with my ability in languages, I was accustomed to technologies from a young age. Furthermore, it is one of the reasons why I chose to study more about computers and technologies at Yangtze University.

Prior to my studies in Yangtze University, I was a student of the Cambridge curriculum in my home country. Thanks to the curriculum, I was provided with the opportunity to study the Chinese Language and was first introduced to the Chinese culture through the language. After my graduation, I decided to choose China as my destination to continue my studies to a higher level, following my interests in the Chinese culture and language. I applied to a lot of universities, but I chose to study at Yangtze University owing to the school’s friendly attitude on the first interview. Although my studies are progressing through online classes due to the COVID-19 at the current moment, I am satisfied with how approachable and resourceful the teachers are so far. Moreover, the students are also very open-minded and easygoing. At the present time, I am greatly looking forward to studying at the campus soon.

In the course of my time at Yangtze University, I would like to study the Chinese language further to the academic level along with my major studies. In my home country, technology is falling short compared to other developed countries, which accounts to the fact why I am enthusiastic to study Computer Science and Technology here at Yangtze University. China’s technology is rapidly developing, and I am grateful to Yangtze University for giving me this opportunity to advance my studies to a greater extent in a country where technology is prominent. In the future, I hope to use my acquired knowledge and skills to help my country achieve remarkable deeds using advanced technology.

我叫Undral Amarbayar,中文名字是红德希,是长江大学计算机科学学院计算机科学与技术一年级本科新生。我来自蒙古,曾在俄罗斯生活过一段时间,我不但学了俄语,还学了英语。计算机已经成为出生在信息时代的我生活必不可少的一部分。计算机伴随着我长大,所以我选择在长江大学学习计算机科学与技术。