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YU New International Students in 2022 Fall Semester (4)--ELOGE BENI N'GANGUIE-N'GUIE 苏木(刚果布 中西医临床医学 本科生)

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Hello everyone!

My name is Eloge Beni N'GANGUIE-N'GUIE, 苏木 is my Chinese name. I am 19 years old and I am an international student from Congo-Brazzaville. This year I am a new undergraduate at Yangtze University where I study Integrated Chinese and Western Clinical Medicine.

Why did I choose to be a doctor?

Since I was very young, I look at doctors admiringly, the nobility of this profession is an aspect that attracts me; Being able to treat people, help them live better or give birth, all this has always fascinated me. On the other hand, I have always been good at science on the theoretical and practical side, I had good grades in school and I made the medical care of my pets a personal matter. I was so comfortable taking care of them that it caught the eye of people who kept telling me that I was good at it and that I had made the right choice.

But why Integrated Chinese and Western Clinical Medicine?

Nowadays, most of the time, when we talk about medicine, we refer directly to Western medicine without thinking about what it lacks. In my opinion, there are many benefits provided by Chinese medicine that Western medicine does not provide. For example, to put it simply, I would say that Western medicine focuses on restoring the dysfunction of a specific mechanism with purified molecules from the pharmaceutical industry, while traditional Chinese medicine treats the entire human body to restore our balance through plants. My goal after studying Integrated Chinese and Western Clinical Medicine will be firstly to provide patients with care to cure their diseases and keep them in a state of balance as well as in good health, and secondly to open the eyes of the world to the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine which is in my opinion very little taken into consideration. I am sure that Yangtze University will be able to accompany me as it should in the accomplishment of my projects thanks to the quality teaching that is provided and all the resources it can provide us, which is why I entrust my academic training in its hands.


我的名字是Eloge Beni N'GANGUIE-N'GUIE,苏木是我的中文名字。我今年19岁来自刚果(布)。我是长江大学医学部的一名本科新生,专业是中西医临床医学。