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YU New International Students in 2022 Fall Semester (3)--ISAAC ATTA FRIMPONG 艾萨(加纳 作物技术经济 博士研究生)

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Hello Everyone, I'm ISAAC ATTA FRIMPONG, 艾萨 is my Chinese name, an international student from Ghana,  West Africa. I'm currently a PhD student majoring in Economy of Crop and Technology at Yangtze University. The field of my research is how to provide financial support to help farmers improve their lives. I believe that becoming an agriculturist will be very meaningful once I have the opportunity to work under Professor Wei Hong. Through the research, I have been able to gain a deeper understanding of agricultural development.Although it can be very challenging to carry out research, my mentor and colleagues are always there to help me. They also provide me with advice and guidance. Professor Wei Hong has been very supportive and encouraging throughout my research career. I hope to become a better researcher because of his positive feedback and encouragement.

Despite Africa having over 60% of the world's uncultivated land, it is still a net importer of food. On the other hand, as China has 7% of its arable land, it can nourish its citizens through food production and the same time export some to other countries. China currently owns only 10% of the world's arable land, and it produces one-quarter of the world's grain. It is leading the way in the production of various food and agricultural products such as vegetables, grains including rice, wheat, and corn, fruits, cotton, eggs, and poultry and so on. The rural revitalization plan proposed by Chinese government gives me a new idea of development.I will devote myself to my research and improving the agriculture of Ghana in the future.

I like Yangtze University for its environment, which encourages creativity and innovation, and it is a place where people can feel valued and included. I also love its family-like atmosphere, which is conducive to learning and civility.At Yangtze University, our students have a rich and fulfilling student life. The university also provides a variety of facilities that can accommodate their needs for extracurricular activities. There are many activities and events that you can participate in, and you will be able to meet new people from different backgrounds. If you are considering studying in China, then this is the place for you. I hope that you will study at the Yangtze University and make your dreams come true. I am very grateful to be a part of Yangtze University and look forward to having a great time during my PhD journey. At the end of my education, I hope that what I learn in YU would be used to improve the lives of farmers and other agricultural workers in Ghana. I will contribute to enhancing the friendship between China and Ghana and I also believe that the the Belt and Road Initiative will bring more development opportunities to countries like Ghana.

大家好,我是ISAAC ATTA FRIMPONG,艾萨是我的中文名,是一名来自西非加纳的国际学生。我现在是长江大学作物技术经济专业的1名博士研究生。我研究的方向是通过提供财政支持帮助农民改善生活。我相信在韦鸿教授的指导下,将来能成为一名农业领域的学者。通过不断地研究,我对农业的发展有了更深的认识。尽管相关研究可能很有挑战性,但我的导师和同门总是在那里帮助我,他们为我提供建议和给予指导。感谢韦鸿教授一直以来给予的支持和鼓励,相信在导师的帮助下,我一定能成为一名优秀的学者。