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YU New International Students in 2022 Fall Semester (1)--NAMVANDY KHAMPHA 康凯(老挝 临床医学 本科生)

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Hello everyone! My name is Kang Kai, I am from Laos and I am now a new student in the Clinical Medicine program at Yangtze  University. Although I have come to China to study for a few years, I still feel that my knowledge is not enough, so I decided to continue to study to improve myself. I am very grateful to Yangtze  University for giving me the opportunity to realize my dream, and to Tongren Polytechnic College for training me before.

Yangtze  University is located in Jingzhou, a historical and cultural city in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, and is the largest comprehensive university in Hubei province with a wide range of disciplines. The campus environment here is also very beautiful, and all kinds of supporting facilities are also very complete. What attracts me most is the strong learning atmosphere here, the teachers are tireless in teaching and the students are diligent.

Yangtze  University's medical education is mature, and the teachers have rich teaching and practical experience, and all kinds of teaching facilities are well-equipped. The university has trained hundreds of excellent medical graduates from dozens of countries, where I can experience the culture and customs of different countries. In addition, the extracurricular life here is also very rich, there are Chinese corner, Chinese speech contest, Chinese excellent movie exhibition, Chu culture exhibition, volleyball game and soccer game and so on. I have already made many friends from different countries here.

In the coming days, I will devote myself to my studies, and I believe that by learning medical knowledge and techniques at Yangtze  University, I will have a fulfilling and unforgettable time in the coming years, and strive to run towards a bright future. After graduation, I hope to return to Laos to help people in remote places, to relieve their pain and bring health and happiness to patients, and to make my own contribution to the health of the Lao people. I hope more international students will come to study at Yangtze  University in the future and realize their dreams.