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YU New International Students in 2022 Fall Semester (2)--MOHAMED LAMIN BANGURA 邦乐明(塞拉利昂 外科学 硕士研究生)

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Hello, everyone. I am MOHAMED LAMIN BANGURA, my Chinese name is 邦乐明. I am a Sierra Leonean by nationality. In 2016, I received a scholarship from the Chinese government for six years of my clinical medicine program at the Naval Medical University in Shanghai. Six years later, I successfully graduated with a degree in clinical medicine. After graduating from university, I pursued a master's degree in orthopedic surgery at the Yangtze university. I was able to receive a scholarship to pursue my dream of becoming an orthopedist. I would like to sincerely thank the university for giving me this opportunity.

There is a long history in Yangtze University for medical education. The staff members are friendly and the students are very well-rounded. The university has recently updated its learning facilities and teaching methods. Thanks for Jingzhou First People's Hospital providing me the precious opportunity to studying from excellent doctors and expert. They are very knowledgeable about their subjects and are willing to guide me in my studies. The hospital also has state-of-the-art equipment that can help you carry out your research. I have been able to gain the benefit of my supervisor Dr. Luo Huasong.The orthopedic department has a lot of experienced surgeons who have already participated in various research projects and published numerous articles.

Before I graduate, I would like to publish at least four high-level research articles. In addition, I am constantly improving my clinical skills by participating in all of the procedures. I am confident that I will become an excellent doctor with the help of Yangtze University. Please come to YU with me to realize your dreams.