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YU New International Students in 2021 Fall Semester (7)--NURAINI BINTI IBRAHIM(马来西亚 企业管理 硕士研究生)

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Hello, my name is NURAINI BINTI IBRAHIM. Do you know the country that famous for king of fruit, the delicious and sweet strong fragrance of Musang King? Durian!! Yes, correct! I am from Malaysia. I came to China on May 2017, was working as a Finance & Accounting analyst for more than four years at one of the American MNC listed in 500 fortune companies based in Chengdu, Sichuan province. I completed my undergraduate degree in Business Studies from Linton University College, a private institution in Malaysia.With the support of my family and friends, I decided to further my study. It has been my dream to work and study in a foreign land, China has helped me in making it comes true. To be given a chance to study with CSC scholarship was the most unexpected fortune that ever happened to me. I am deeply grateful and appreciate the opportunity given by Chinese government and Yangtze University. I will ensure to the make most out of it.At the present time, I am a graduate student majoring in Enterprise Management at Yangtze University, in Jingzhou Hubei province.

It is a great pleasure and blessing for me to have professor Zhou Chonglin as my supervisor. He is a well-respected, known and recognised for his years of experienced in the management field. I chose to study master’s in this major specifically to gain knowledge and experience on how to run a business as I plan to expand my family small business in Malaysia. To be honest, I have also fell in love with China cultures and living environment that make me wanted to stay here. People are kind and friendly, infrastructures are convenient, various yet affordable. Moreover, China is an ideal choice for me to enhance my literacy in Chinese language while deepening my knowledge on the beautiful histories, culture and heritage as well as learning the alluring calligraphy.

All these years living in China, I have seen some of its beauty and impressed he fast development country, I believe China is currently an example of a remarkable and fast-growing economic, technological advancement and global ranking education institutes with high reputation makes a great aspiration to other countries. I hope I will be the bridge of exchanging knowledge, cultures, technologies, understanding and friendship between China and Malaysia that beneficial to the society of both countries. Special thanks and appreciation to School of Economics and Management and School of International Education for the opportunity and kind guidance. I highly believe studying in Yangtze University is a great stepping stone for us to achieve an outstanding future. We welcome foreign students to study at Yangtze University and experience the amazing time in Jingzhou.

大家好,我的名字是 NURAINI BINTI IBRAHIM。你知道那个以果中之王——“猫山王”而闻名的国家吗?榴莲,是的,我来自马来西亚。2017 年 5 月我来到了中国,一直在一家位于四川省成都市的跨国企业担任财务和会计分析师,到目前为止已经在中国生活了四年。我在马来西亚的林顿大学获得了商学学士学位。在亲朋好友的支持下,我决定继续深造。在中国工作和学习一直是我的梦想,现在终于有机会让梦想成为现实。很荣幸有机会获得中国政府奖学金,我非常感谢中国政府和长江大学给了我这个宝贵的学习机会,我会好好把握它。我现在是长江大学经济与管理学院企业管理专业的硕士研究生。