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  There are 114 faculty members in the college, including 99 full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 4 professors, 45 associate professors, 9 doctors (including those studying) and 5 returnees. Wang Yi, Peng Zhimin, Qian Renping, Tan Jun and other famous artists, and 7 visiting professors including piano master Schwartz, Germany were hired. Since 2007, the college has jointly recruited master's degree students. In 2014, it obtained the authorization of master's degree in arts, and now there are 39 master's tutors. The college has six majors: musicology, musical performance, dance, fine arts, visual communication and environmental art design. There are two teaching and research platforms, namely, the Art Creation and Production Center and the Art Innovation Center of Yangtze University, the Jingchu Intangible Cultural Heritage Skills Heritage Institute and the Jingzhou University for the Aged, and two professional master's teaching practice bases. 

  During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, college teachers published 281 academic papers, including 90 core papers (including professional works) and 17 high-level academic papers; One national art fund and nine provincial social science funds were approved; Editor-in-chief of 58 monographs and 14 textbooks; Won 289 awards in various professional competitions and exhibitions, including 23 at the national level. Besides, following the principle of "please come in and go out", the college hosted 78 academic reports and lectures, sent outstanding young teachers to attend professional academic conferences 62 times, and participated in more than 85 academic activities in China and the province.