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The School of Marxism

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  The school of Marxism of Yangtze University was established on the basis of the former school of political science and law in May 2011. The school mainly undertakes the teaching of Ideological and political theory and related scientific research and discipline construction tasks of the whole University. The school has a master's degree program in the first-class discipline of Marxist theory, a provincial first-class undergraduate major in Ideological and political education, and a national first-class undergraduate course livingYangtze River. In 2018, the school was selected as the teaching demonstration base of Ideological and Political Theory Course in Hubei Province. The school has 57 full-time teachers, including 7 professors, 25 associate professors, and 19 teachers with doctoral degrees. These outstanding young doctors from Wuhan University, Nanjing University and other liberal arts centers have broad academic vision, active thinking, and strong innovative consciousness and ability. Among the teachers of the school, one won the advanced individual of “Three Complete Education in Hubei Province”one won the “Advanced Teaching Staff in Hubei Province”one won the “Advanced Worker of Political and Ideological Education in Hubei Province”, three were selected into the training plan of Marxist middle-aged and young theorists in Hubei Province, three were selected into the preferential subsidy plan for excellent ideological and political theory teachers in colleges and universities in Hubei Province, and ten courses were selected into the “Famous Teacher Demonstration Classroom” of backbone teachers of ideological and political theory courses in colleges and universities. The school has a strong scientific research foundation and has successively undertaken more than 30 provincial and ministerial level and above projects, such as the National Social Science Fund Project and the humanities and social sciences research project of the Ministry of education; more than 20 influential academic works have been published in important national publishing houses, and more than 200 articles have been published in professional journals, including many landmark achievements in authoritative journals such as morality and civilization.

  The school has six Institute level research institutions, including the Institute of Philosophy of Social Development, the Institute of Ideological and Political Education, the Institute of Party History and Party Construction, the Research Center of Integrity Construction, the Research Center of Ecological Civilization and the Research Center of Humanitarian Rescue, and eight teaching and research offices, including the Living Yangtze River teaching and research office. Relying on these academy level institutions, the corresponding scientific research and teaching teams have been established. On the basis of comprehensive application of multi-disciplinary theoretical achievements, a Marxist theoretical discipline system integrating comprehensiveness, politics, scientificity and practicality has been established.

  The school has always implemented the educational concept of “student-oriented and academic supremacy”. At present, there are 124 full-time graduate students. The school actively encourages graduate students to participate in scientific research activities and cultivate innovative spirit and practical ability. The graduate students trained by the school have strong comprehensive quality and are deeply welcomed and praised by colleges and universities, party and government organs and various enterprises and institutions.