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2022 Chinese Government Scholarship

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Ministry of Education of P. R. China (hereinafter referred to as MOE) makes the Chinese Government Scholarship plans on an annual basis, and entrusts China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as CSC) with the recruitment and management of Chinese Government Scholarship Programs.

Outstanding students, teachers and scholars from all over the world are welcome to undertake studies and research in Yangtze University.

2021 Guideline for Chinese Government Scholarship Application

1. Applying in Chinese Embassy

Normally the Chinese Embassy in applicant's country is the dispatching authority for apply of Chinese Government Scholarship. Applicant first should ask for the requirement from Chinese Embassy in applicant's country and Chinese Embassy will tell applicants the result of Chinese Government Scholarship. Applicants who get the Chinese Government Scholarship can register in CSC website and Yangtze University agency number is 10489.

PS: Applicants who can not get Chinese Government Scholarship can also  send all their documents to YU will check application documents carefully, and excellent applicants(with high quality research publication like SCI/ SSCI/ EI ) still have chance to get Chinese Government Scholarship.


2. Double checking documents


First, applicant must finish online application in

Second,Yangtze University will check applicant's documents, issue admission notice and process jw201 form(visa application documents) if applicant meets the requirement of admission.


For more information of Chinese Government Scholarship and the application procedure, please refer to



The deadline of 2022 Chinese Government Scholarship in YU is Apri 1, 2022.

YU will  inform all applicants who get Chinese Government Scholarship at the end of April by email.

If applicants could not get the email from YU before May 1, 2022, it means you can not get it.

    Chinese Government Scholarship Students in YU

My name is Consolatha Chambi Shija from Tanzania located eastern part of Africa.  Currently, I am a postgraduate student major Plant Protection at Yangtze University in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. I am grateful to be granted a Chinese Government Scholarship to accomplish my dreams. I feel lucky to be admitted at esteemed university like Yangtze which has favorable and good environment for studying.  

My first experience since I arrived in china was so difficulty to follow Chinese language but as day goes, I become more interested to lean and speak Chinese. Now I am familiar with the Chinese culture, food and dressing style. The kindness, politeness and hospitality of Chinese people made me feel proud and more interested to learn Chinese traditions with no difficulties.

My sincerely gratitude’s to International student office, my supervisor, class mates and postgraduate Lectures for their support to ensure my safe stay at Yangtze University. I am very confident that my postgraduate study at Yangtze University will provide me a milestone in my career along with valuable experiences that will be of great achievements toward pursuing my career and strong foundation in plant protection.


We are Anja and Milos. We come from Montenegro. We finished our bachelor degree studies in our country at University of Montenegro, and we are here for master degree. Our major is civil engineering. We chose China because we think that is the most prospective country in the world for our major.

First days in Jingzhou were not easy at all because we come from Europe and here is everything different. With the help of our new friends, which are very easy to get here in Jingzhou and Yangtze University because people are very friendly and kind, thanks to people from the International Students Office which are also very friendly and we feel here like at home.

Like we said we are here to improve our knowledge of civil engineering and in that we have a enormous help from our professors and they are very professional and available for all students. They want to convey knowledge in the right way. In our major we need to do a lot of researches and practice in which they give us a lot of help, motivation and advices.

Sincerely we were suspicious how will we get with China, Chinese people, food and culture but now only we can say that we are very happy and satisfied with all of that and we think this is our best experience in the life. We suggest everyone to come to study at Yangtze University. You will surely like it!



My name is Eshpulat Iskandarov from Uzbekistan, the country situated Central Asia. I graduated my bachelor degree studies in my country at Tashkent state Institute of Oriental studies and I am here for master degree in Enterprise management. So I want to continue studying management because there are many different areas, specialties, and practices to encounter in the age of globalization and rapid changing technologies.

When I arrive in Yangtze University I met many Chinese and Foreign students and they were so polite, kind and helpful. At first, learning Chinese was a bit challenging but interesting, also with the help of the caring teacher, I’m slowly learning Chinese language. I can find foods and I am familiar with numerous restaurants around university now. I got lots of help from the International Student of Office and they made us very comfortable life here. There are more than one thousand international student from different countries who are friendly and very socializing with them. I sincerely thanks the International student office, my supervisor, class mates and postgraduate lectures for their support to ensure that I accomplish my studies at Yangtze University.

I am very happy here and enjoy to study life in china. Life is so convenient for studying here. I think that Yangtze University is one of the best universities in China. I hope that my goals will be achieved with the help of this university.

My name is Sein Lai LaiAung from Myanmar (Burma) and pursuing Master Degree in Yangtze University. After finished my bachelor degree specialization with Plant Pathology in Yezin Agricultural University, I am willing to join the Master Degree at overseas. Firstly, I choose China because I am interested in Chinese culture and I thought ordinarily Chinese people have completely with tender-hearted, kindness and sympathy. Secondly, I strive for study at Yangtze University with the aid of Chinese Government Scholarship because it is my hope and it make me full of my dream to study of my Master degree in Plant Protection in this University.

When I first arrived,we visited Jinzhou museum by International Student Office. I have known about the Jingzhou Museum, is a local historic museum, displaying and cultural relic preservation. The archaeologists in Jinzhou Museum mainly unearth, research and display the ancient cultural relics in Yangtze River area and Han River area.I walked on to the around of University campus enjoying with my new friends it just felt like my home away from home. I know straight away that this was the place for me and I would be happy here.

I sincerely thankfulness’s to International Student Office, my supervisor andcolleagues for your care on me that made me feel more easy to pass of my student life at Yangtze University. I believe that I will be getting foradvance in many experience and knowledge from Yangtze University. I have confidence in that I will be made the grade in my career with more confidence that I will be more independence, reliable, good leader, and responsible for my future life ahead.

My name is Paola Barrera. I came from Mexico City. After more than ten hours to get here I’m happily starting a new phase of my life in China. Get a master degree in Enterprise Management in Chinese, which is really a challenge to me.

I decided that I will spend three years of my life studing in China, because it is well known that China is getting a bigger play roll in the International market and international economic. China, as the biggest manufacture, has companies doing successful business in all around the world. Then, I find it is pretty interesting to learn the way how China is doing business in the world.

I would like to thanks specifically to Chinese government, which has given me the opportunity to come here with a scholarship, which I think is a very good opportunity and responsibility to take advantage of.

I am very glad to meet every day new people from different places, my classmates, roommate and professors.


My name is Pham Thi Bich Phuong from Vietnam. Currently, I am a postgraduate student major Landscape Architecture at Yangtze University in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. I chose China because I think that is the most prospective country in the world for my major and I love China culture.

First days in Jingzhou were not easy at all because I come from Vietnam and here is everything different. With the help of International student office, my  supervisor, class mates, which are very easy to get here in Jingzhou and Yangtze University because people are very friendly and kind.

I think that Yangtze University is one of the best universities in China. I hope that my goals will be achieved with the help of this university. I suggest everyone to come to study at Yangtze University. You will surely like it!


My name is Fenny Salim, I came from Indonesia. I finished my bachelor studies in my country at  (STBA-PIA) Asia Friendship International College and this year I got the Chinese Government Scholarship to continue with my master studies program at Yangtze University, studying Educational Principles as mayor.

I haven't met any problems during my arrival to the university, the people here in the university and the Jingzhou city are kind and helpful, I am glad to came here because I can learn many things whether regarding life or professional issues.

My sincere gratitude to the International Student Office, my kind supervisor,  postgraduate lecture, classmates and all foreign friends I've met so far. Thank you for your help and support. I won't hesitate about spend my coming years to get my master degree in this beautiful University.


We are Kate Kuznietsova and Kate Panshyna. We are from Ukraine. We are postgraduate students with major Enterprise Management.We so excited to be part of this program and glad to study in Yangtze University .

When we came to China International Student Office and teachers  met us and helped adapt to life here. The people of China are very friendly and civilized so they warmly welcome us and give respect to us. We made a lot of friends here.

For us it is a life changing adventure that combined academics with travel, amazing professors with eager students and accomplishments mixed with reflections. We like our classes and the way our professor teach. There we have everything to study and become professionals.


My name is SIENG Hokly from the historical and touristic city of Siem Reap of Cambodia, which is located in South-East Asia. I finished my bachelor’s degree in majoring civil engineering in Russia. Because China has developed very fast in technology, especially the technology in the construction field, so I decide to pursue my master’s degree in majoring civil engineering in China. I am very grateful that I am granted to study at Yangtze University with the aid of Chinese government scholarships.

It is my first time to be in China, everything is new to me, but with the help from International Students Office, Chinese friends, Foreign friends and others, I really feel comfortable and warm to stay and study in Yangtze University in Jingzhou City, Hubei province. I should show my thanks to the International Students Office for it provides me and other new foreign students with orientation classes that show and explain the Chinese laws, safety around campus, and other cultural activities; those classes are very useful for me to understand more and stay comfortable in China. Chinese people are friendly and kind, they are willing to help me when I need them.

The environment around Yangtze University is good for every student. There are lots of restaurants around the campus, so it’s easy for me to try different Chinese foods. I like Chinese foods, they are delicious.

As I am majoring in civil engineering, I need to do lots of researches with experiments. With the help and advice from my professor, research team and also the modern technology in Yangtze University, it makes me much easier to get the practical and reliable result. The theoretical and practical knowledge I get from Yangtze University will be used in my future career.  

I am very happy and satisfied so far that I come to Yangtze University for my master’s degree. I would like to thank Chinese government and also Yangtze University, who provide me with this opportunity. I think it is the best experience in my life to immerse myself in Chinese society and Chinese culture in Yangtze university.



My name is Yao AYIVI from Togo, a country located at the western part of Africa. I am currently a postgraduate student majoring in Agriculture Forestry and Economy Management at Yangtze University in Jingzhou city, Hubei province, China. I am extremely grateful to be granted a Chinese Government Scholarship, because it is an opportunity for the accomplishment of my dreams. I am very lucky to be admitted to Yangtze University where the weather and the environment are quiet good for studies.

My first day in Jingzhou was so amazed since I had learned basic Chinese in the Confucius institute in my country before coming to China. It was like I am back home, and everyone appreciates the fact that I can speak Chinese, use Chinese chopsticks which is one of the greatest characteristics of Chinese culture. The Chinese zeal, respect for China and considerations make me fall in love with their culture and deep learning of their language. 

 I have chosen China for my pursuit of studies, because it is a very peaceful country. Again it has a high level of technology with the use of wechat, the invention of high speed subway and many more facilities and accommodations; and also the Chinese economy occupies the second position in the world after the USA.

 My would like to show my solemn gratitude to the Chinese government, especially to the International Students Office of Yangtze University, my supervisor and all my Chinese friends for their warmheartedness. I am very sure my researches here in Yangtze University will produce good fruits and constitute a solid background for the achievements of my goals.

 I highly suggest that African country students should come to study in China and to come to Yangtze University, because the foods here almost have the same flavor as African foods.  




My name is Sebastian Buitrago and my Chinese name is 吉森勇。 I am working on my Master’s degree in Genetics and Phyto breeding at Yangtze University. This is my second month being part of this wonderful college and country. I remember when I received the admission letter from Yangtze University, I felt my legs were trembling. As a Philosophy professor, Clovis de Barros Filho said, “Half of your life is up to you, and the other half life will lead the way”. When I applied for this scholarship in China, I put all my energy towards achieving this dream. Later, with the admission letter in my hands, the question of whether accepting or not the scholarship was a no brainer. Before I arrived in China, I knew I had to face several challenges and a difficult academic curriculum. However, in the short time, I have discovered that China has a plethora of beautiful places, cities, infrastructure, solutions, innovations, cultures and more importantly, the most kind and thoughtful people making it a very rewarding experience.

As I mentioned before, taking Chinese classes, laboratory work, and the entire semester by itself is no walk in the park. Nevertheless, I am very excited to work along with my classmates, teachers, and community towards attaining my goals. Yangtze University offers a lot of support and resources to help students like myself overcome such challenges. In the short term, I vision myself feeling happy and proud of what I have accomplished.

Finally, I hope to be able to return all the generosity I received in China in the best way I can. As an analogy, life is like a roller coaster, with ups and downs, and I know that my time in China is a highlight in my life.


My name is Oumar Ibrahima KANE, I am from Senegal. I was recently granted a scholarship by the Chinese Government as a Ph.D. student in Geology. I started studying at Yangtze University in September 2019 with the orientation classes in Jinghzou city.

My first experience in Yangtze university was the visit of the historic city of Jinghzou during orientation classes (visit of Jinghzou museum, the ancient city wall, the heritage hall, the second hospital…). This allowed me to learn some basics about Chinese history and culture. The International Students Office (ISO) organized these sessions while helping us with our administration processes. The staff members of the ISO are very welcoming, respectful, patient, and always showed the willingness to try to understand and were tolerant toward students.

When I arrived at Yangtze University (Wuhan Campus), where I am supposed to pursue my research, the conditions are above my expectations. I am installed in an office with a supportive supervisor, working with a team of research students. I have access to a library with a large collection of literary documents and records kept for reference and borrowing. I have also access to an online website of the Yangtze University library with helpful electronic scientific journals and books that can help me achieve better results on my research.


My name is Cheikh Taleb Maouloud from Mauritania, master student majoring in Mechatronics engineering at Yangtze university.

A warm welcoming, a distinguished academic support and an assistance that fulfill all needs that’s what I got when I came to Yangtze university, not to mention all the concerns Yangtze University accord to my safety and my wellbeing.

 When I arrived to Jingzhou after a two days trip I was very tired and I had a hard time carrying my suitcases alone (one was broken), surprisingly a chinese man offered to help carry my suitcase , on the way to pick a taxi that friendly man revealed to be a teacher in Yangtze University I was glad because I was becoming a Yangtze university student. But before I was able to pick a taxi I saw foreigners, I stopped to say hi and they offered to help me reach the university because they too were student in Yangtze university, they were mostly from Rwanda and some from Zambia. They helped all the way from the train station to finding my dormitory room by putting me in contact with other international volunteer student, it was on Saturday.

On Monday International Student Office (ISO) quickly processed our registration, showed us historic sites in Jingzhou city and helped us understand Chinese laws that pertains to our daily lives. Something is like about ISO is their Willingboro help anytime and their relentless care about our safety. One can only be lucky to have such a treatment.

Yangtze University is very competitive on a provincial and a national levels , I find a great deal of motivation in the idea of accomplishing something great while studying here.

The feeling I’m having for this journey at Yangtze University is that if a promising adventure filled with excitement and finishing with success.


My name is Charles Omotomide Apata, I’m from Nigeria. A post-graduate student in the School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, Yangtze University, Jingzhou, Hubei.



I believe studying in China which is one of the top destinations for international students is a great opportunity, China is the world's fastest growing major economy in the world and also developing rapidly in Information and Communications Technology.



This is my first time in china and the experience has been amazing and awesome.  My journey from the airport to the train station and also to the ancient and beautiful city where Yangtze University is situated Was full of beautiful memories. I met so many Chinese who were very kind and offered assistance to me without thinking twice. My stay in China has been amazing because of the wonderful people that are all around me, they really made settling down easy and my stay so far enjoyable.



The moment I got to school I was very happy and impressed with the way my fellow students welcomed me and also from the International Student of Office   , my lecturers are very wonderful and dutiful, they also go extra miles to make sure we understand what they are teaching. They look out for us to make sure everything is fine. The learning environment is top-notch which makes it condusive for studies.

Analysing and observing the people of China and her diverse cultural norms, values and the hospitality of her people and the dedication which everyone has demonstrated towards their work is highly impressive.


I have been and I believe I will enjoy every bit of my stay as a student in Yangtze University, I wish all of us success in our academic pursuit.



My name is Rudoviko Galileya Medison from Malawi, a country located in South Central Africa. I am currently a Postgraduate Student Majoring in Plant Protection at Yangtze University. It has been pleasure to be admitted at this multidisciplinary comprehensive institution in China.  and I feel very honored to have been offered Full Chinese Government Scholarship.

My first month (September 2019) at Yangtze University was not easy because of language and food. It was difficult for me to communicate with Chinese citizens in their local language. It was also a challenge to choose food in the restaurant since I was not familiar with their recipes and food names. But with time and help from my classmates especially Chinese students from our laboratory, I become interested to learn Chinese language. I am still learning the language and I set a target that by the end of first six months, I should be able to communicate fluently in Chinese. My classmates also introduced various nice foods such as dumplings and fish to me. The other interesting thing is that Chinese citizens are friendly, kind and polite which is rare in some countries in the world. This makes me feel like I am still in my home country, Malawi.  

Life at Yangtze University is so convenient. We have every facility that we need for studying and socializing. The surrounding environment with trees and other natural structures including Yangtze river, makes the whole campus looks so beautiful and above all’ conducive for studies.  Apart from the beautiful scenery, the school has also play grounds, courts and gyms for various sports activities and exercises making it a good place to learn and socialize.

I am positive that learning at a multi-cultural setting like Yangtze University will help me get the necessary knowledge and skills from people of different backgrounds which will be of paramount importance when I go back to my home country after completion of my studies.  Because of this, I am very happy and satisfied here, and looking forward to achieve my goals.

 I recommend Yangtze University to the students both from my country and other countries to come and study here.

 Finally let me take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude and appreciation to the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) for the financial support, International Students Office(ISO), My Supervisor Professor Zhou Yi, and my classmates.


My name is Gama Rivas Daru Langaziri from South Sudan (East Africa). Am pursuing Masters in Industrial Economics at Yangtze University in the Department of Economics and Management. I arrived at Yangtze University on Friday 13th Sep, 2019 and I felt at home because I was warmly welcomed and accommodated in the apartment by one of the staff members.

In the first place, I give thanks to The Government of The People’s Republic of China and Yangtze University for giving me this golden opportunity to pursue my Master’s Degree.

Yangtze University provides the best rules and regulations for International Students which guides them in their course of studies in China without getting into troubles. There are qualified professors, well equipped libraries and class rooms which suits modern teaching standards. There are also different kinds of sports activities which build students’ talents with diverse culture across the globe not forgetting the School Canteen and Restaurants with cheap and delicious meals of your choice.

I love the environment of Yangtze University. My message for those who are dreaming to pursue their Bachelors, Masters or PHD in China, please don’t look further, Yangtze University covered your needs.

I love Yangtze University.