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Why study in Yangtze University

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1. Tuition and living expenses are affordable.

Studying and living in Yangtze University is muchcheaper than in many other universities in China. Internationalstudents can enjoy many extras – inexpensive transportation, leisure andfood. No need more part-time job to finance study and international studentscan entirely focus on their courses.

2. Excellent professors and advanced facilities are available.

There are many excellent professors and advancedfacilities in the field of engineering, agriculture and medicineat Yangtze University. It is well-known for its researchfields in oil and gas petroleum engineering, agriculture science, Chu cultureand other disciplines.

Besides, YangtzeUniversity is in the Directory of World Medical School of WHO and in IMED of FAIMER, USA.

3. Scholarshipis available for excellent students.

Scholarshipcan be applied after one year study at Yangtze University if the scholarshipcandidates are excellent in his or her class. The scholarships are based on candidates’academic performance, including their results of final exams, their involvementin campus activities, their daily behaviors and so on.

4. Travel and exploration are convenient.

With rapid economic growth and well-developed and modern transportation infrastructure, getting around in China is convenient and inexpensive. Jing Zhou is well-served by buses, taxis and high-speed train. High-speed railway reaches a maximum speed of over 250 km/h and provides beds as well as dining services. It takes only 1 hour to arrive in the nearest airport, 6 hours to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou from Yangtze University.

        5. Applyingfor visa documents is efficient.

After applicants’ required documents are checked, every applicant will informedwhether he/ she is accepted by Yangtze University within 3 working days. At thesame time, eligible applicants will receive admission notice (offer letter),and their JW202 form (visa documents) will be processed within 1 month.