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 I’m Shadrack Takyi, a Ghanaian, and a first-year Ph.D. student in the Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering at Yangtze University, Hubei.
So far, the online studies received have been promising. Lecturers actually take their time to teach well while ensuring nobody lags a concept and School of International Education responds swiftly, and keeps us updated on campus news. In addition to this, I have been warmly welcomed by my academic supervisor Prof. Yindi Zhang and the involvements with her have been remarkable. Thus, I am highly optimistic my entire Ph.D. study is going to be a successful one.
For now, I extremely look forward to being on campus where I can have extensive hands-on practice in my area of interest in pipeline transportation of sweet and heavy crude oils.  I am quite certain it would be so much better there.  
Also, I hope to share my future campus experience with everyone, and I believe that Yangtze University warmly welcomes excellent international students from all over the World.


I m Dr. Ashutosh from Nepal, a postgraduate in Orthopedic Surgery at Yangtze University, Jingzhou, Hubei.

The first day I stepped here in this Yangtze University with full of dreams in my eyes, I wanted to become a good orthopedic surgeon. In the beginning days there was a little bit problem to adjust myself with new place, new people, new schedule, but slowly I get habitual of life here. I found people around me very kind and helpful. In the beginning days we all got lots of help from the International Student of Office and they made us very comfortable life here. After I joined to the Central Hospital I found I starts living my dreams. Professors and Doctors of the hospital are very kind and they always seeking to teach us, they all are very supportive in all the aspects. I think I m the lucky one who got such a brilliant tutor at hospital. As learning and practice at hospital every day is bringing me near and near to my dream. We are so many Nepalese students here in Post Graduate and MBBS, so the life is very friendly and supportive here. Students from other countries like Pakistan, Ghana and others are also very friendly and polite. We always greets each other whenever we meet. Different customs and cultures are making our life more colorful.

I m very happy here. Life is so convenient and peaceful. Good environment to study here.


I’m Inomjon Ramatov from Uzbekistan. I’m a student in Yangtze University, my major is Computer science and Information Technology. When I received admission letter from Yangtze University I was very happy because studying in abroad was my dream.

When I decided to study in China I worry about the way of life in China is completely different from my home country and I have hard time to adapt my new study life in China. First days there was a little problem to adjust myself with  new people, new schedule, new place, but slowly I get used to live here. There are a lot of people around me very kind and helpful. International students studying in Yangtze University have many great things to look forward to. Students who love sports will enjoy here, as the Chinese love basketball, soccer, badminton, volleyballand  ping pong.

Living one of the biggest countries, with the largest populations in the world, life in china can be an overwhelming experience for me. In my opinion, being an international student in China, especially in Yangtze University is unforgettable immensely rewarding experience.  





My name is GYEBI-NIMAKO BERNARD. I am from Ghana and currently studying my Master’s degree of Crop in YANGTZE UNIVERSITY.

I choose this university for my masters studies because of the conducive and peaceful environment. It's safe here and students are given the best treatment even from the first day. The lecturers have a very good relationship with students and always there to help. I am able to contact my lecturers anytime for help and they are ever ready to help, coupled with the fact that Mr. Hogan who is the Admission Manager is a wonderful person and has assisted many students with all their needs during and after the admission process.

I have not regretted choosing YANGTZE UNIVERSITY for my master’s degree and I'm grateful for the opportunities it offers to international students. I love Chinese people, they are always happy to welcome foreigners and also they assist you when you need help. Studying at Yangtze university is the best thing to happen to me.


My name is Zeeshan and my Chinese name is 李杉. I belongs to Pakistan. I am an undergraduate student of Yangtze University, about two years ago in 2012, that was a fantastic moment when I received the admission letter from Yangtze University and I saw the happiness in eyes of my parents that moment I will never forget and finally I am here for undergraduate program in the vast field of Electrical Engineering one of the most tremendous thing is the location of Jingzhou city in the terms of weather.

As I love my major Electrical Engineering. I got a lot of experience here in Yangtze university about my major and by also joining the non profit associations like Sports & Entertainment Association. These are initial steps of my life I joined associations in Yangtze University because I love to serve for mankind.Here I have seen the competition of global languages and I started to learn one of the world most interesting and conceptual language Chinese.

One thing I also would like to share that university appreciated me with scholarship in 2013 for my efforts and This is a golden period of my life which I am spending here in Yangtze University.


My name is Mashooque Ali.From Pakistan, province sindh, District ghotki. My major is civil engineering and I'm the topper of civil engineering batch 2012 got two times scholarship in the school of urban construction, Yangtze university, I am really impressed with the study of civil engineering department and the teaching staff of civil engineering. When I came in Yangtze university like every foreigner student I felt  difficult to grasp Chinese language. But later I felt Chinese is the one of the interesting language. Now I am capable to communicate in Chinese.   To talk related about my major.

Now I am efficient to read engineering drawings. I achieved this capability from the school of urban construction. They helped me to gain the engineering practical experiences, I had also gone to some related enterprises to participate in engineering practices at the end of my fourth semester. Now I can fell that the practice effect is evident and very fruitful. Of course it's impossible to have experiences without working.

But I have a lot of practical experiences. In future I am willing to do work in china. Because china is the one of the fastest developing country in the world. In future I expect to make my senses more beautiful in the field of civil engineering infrastructures.


My name is Hina Zahra. I am from Pakistan, my beloved country. I came here in November 2014 for MBBS study. Actually, it was my dream of to become a doctor in the future. As I landed in China, it was the first step towards my dream. Now, I am in second semester.
As I came here I saw a completely new world as compared to my country. With the helping of teachers and students in the school, I start to adapt to it and enjoying it gradually. Although in our class, there are people from different countries, different culture, different languages and different communities, they help each other, laughing and cheering together. School often holds many kinds of sports competitions and entertainments to enrich our school life. The people here are very loving here. I am enjoying a lot here. I hope I will fulfill my dream in this university.


My name is Mimamsa Khatiwada, from Nepal, now I am studying medicine in Yangtez University nearly six months. In this duration, I not only learn professional knowledge in the school but also I have learned a lot about Chinese culture ,dressing and foods, festivals and so on. The welcome with smile that we receive from the local people teaches us the lesson of politeness and rich heart, well furnished areas and equipped halls in this university with different culture exchange shows, have shown its richness in mutual co-operation with other countries.
The international culture exchange program between Nepal and the neighboring country China has allowed many students to fulfill their dream of becoming a medical professional. I’m honor to have opportunity to study in Yangtez University.
“Travel broadens the mind.” Thus my study travel in this university in China and my duration of stay here will broaden and boost my extracurricular social and professional abilities which I will employ to serve for humanity.

My name is ZHARYLKASSYN AKZERE and I am from Kazakhstan. Now I am studying in YU.

In September 2019, I was luck to get the admission for Chinese language. In the campus, there is everything that I need: cafeterias, dining halls, and shops. There are several sports grounds, including indoors and outdoors.  And every night, I can admire the beautiful views from my window which can not be described in my limited words. Furthermore, during this time, I have made friends from more than 10 countries, including Asia and Europe. They are so friendly that we can communicate with each other under different cultural background. I want to appreciate my teachers from the bottom of my heart. They always help and encourage me whenever I face problems. Yangtze University, even when I pronounce these words, I always smile unconsciously, because there are so many good memories.

I am honor to get the admission again in Yangtze University. My major is International Economy and Trade. Nothing is better than studying in this wonderful university, and I really appreciate this rare studying opportunity. I wish I can attempt myself to build a bridge between China and Kazakhstan.

I am very glad that I am a member of Yangtze University, FUTURE ONLY WITH YANGTZE UNIVERSITY.

My name is Gulmira Dustmamadova am from Tajikistan i came here November2015 . Its my third semester, and I study MMBS to be a doctor it is my dream.I am very happy in china because I make friends with diffirent students from diffirent countries. I have many intenational friend and every time enjoy with them. So I am very happy in YU and also in China.



My name is Arafat (方海洋) and this year I am 21 yeas old. I'm from Kyrgyzstan.

I like to develop my skills both in sports and in studies, I do boxing and I also like swimming and table tennis, I used to study at the North Minzu University and managed to pass the hsk5 in three semesters. I was preparing for Chinese study very seriously, and I learned 35-40 new Chinese words a day. Now, when I entered Yangtze University, I had a new goal and a chance to get new skills. I will be glad to try and be proud of our achievements.

When I decided to study in China, I firstly thought about the way of life in China which is totally different from people, food, language, festivals, environment and so on, but when I arrived here I gradually adapt to the environment and people here.

My name is Muhammad Muaz Bin Nor Hasimi. I'm Asian boy from Malaysia. My major faculty is Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery. I am an undergraduate in Yangtze University medical school in Jingzhou Hubei province. There are more than one thousand international students from different continents and countries who are friendly and fun socializing with. One moment I very surprise when I reach here then I have known that I’m the only one from my country study at this university. In the beginning days there was a little bit problem to adjust myself with new place, new people, new schedule, new environment, but slowly I get habitual of life here. I found people around me very kind and helpful. From the beginning days we all got lots of help from the International Students Office and they made us very comfortable life here. I have learnt a lot of things both educational and cultural. Chinese people are very friendly and helpful. I really enjoy my study life in Yangtze University. I'm very happy and grateful to study here. Life is so convenient and peaceful.



My name is Alfredo Dos santos Caramelo, and I am from Angola. I am a first year student of civil engineering and am studying in Yangtze University. I heard many wonderful things about China's infrastuctural development and I was nothing but overwhelmed when I witnessed it for myself. I saw a building finish in 6 months here in China which back home in Angola would take about one year and I was very impressed. The Chinese language has been a little problem for me,  but now I  know the basics  with the help of my chinese friends, and I can communicate efficiently with fluency.

My name is Quetin Menyie Atangana and I am a first year medical student in Yangtez university. I am from Cameroon in Africa and I left my home to come further my studies here. At first I was a big scare when applying for such a prestigious institution for fear of being rejected, but with luck been on my side, I was granted admission. My school is located in JingZhou city, HuBei province. JingZhou is a very beautiful city. Ancient city wall in JingZhou will let you to feel the strong Chinese culture. When I arrived here in China, everything is strange for me, however the Chinese people are all kind and hospitable, I gradually adapt to this totally different environment. I love the university I study in and also love the teachers and my classmates here because they are all very essential and helpful in my studies. Without them, I would have many difficulties and I thank god for them.


Hello, my name is Phumuzile Myranda Ndimande. I am Zimbabwean and I am currently studying MBBS at Yangtze University. I arrived at Yangtze University in October and I am enjoying my stay as well as my studies. The Chinese people are very kind and I am slowly getting used to the culture, types of food and weather and most importantly I am excited to start building my career here. I have learnt a lot about Chinese culture, and am eager to try Chinese dishes that always have a mouth- watering aroma. I am attending a Chinese class and hope on completion of my first year I’ll be speaking Chinese fluently.


I’m John Peter and my motherland is Rwanda, I’m an undergraduate student in Yangtze University. I arrived in Yangtze University on 15th October 2015 with the dreams of becoming a doctor.  I’m in MBBS major, in this university which is located in Jingzhou city, Hubei province, China. The first day I arrived here I was with my friends, also from Rwanda, and we were welcomed by International student office which made our stay very comfortable here. In fact, life here in Yangtze is good with my friends from different countries, like Ghana, Cameroun, Zimbabwe, Guinea and so on. I have a hope that my goals will be achieved with the help of this university. Even though the climate here is very different from our country’s, I know that by the will of God  everything will be fine during my stay in China. In addition, I am trying all my best in my lessons  so that I can get a scholarship next year which is provided for excellent international students.



My name is Evi Lydia Ndeshipanda Ben, I am a 19 year old girl from Namibia. Growing up as a child with big dreams, I always wanted to be a doctor, there was nothing more I wanted than that; but that’s not all I wanted I also wanted to do my studying abroad, specifically in China. That was one of my main aims in life which right now I reached.

My time here at Yangtze University has been wonderful to say the least. Although there is a massive culture shock the university has done its very best to yield me from the full force of the blow, subsequently making the first time experience rather exciting. From my arrival here they have worked hard to make me feel comfortable and feel more welcoming, they taught me how things are done around campus, where to go when I need something or have some problems. As the days passed, I started meeting new people increasingly every single day, everyday I would meet a person from some different country which was interesting but it was quite awkward how I haven’t seen any other Namibian here.

Adding up my stay here in tumultuous and amazing. Yangtze University turned out to be my dream university and I look forward to more incredible experiences and hopefully, to also seeing more Namibians here in the near future.

My name is Chuttama Promwachara and I'm from Thailand. I've been here since September and my major is Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery. I'm on the first semester. Studying aboard is a big challenge, but the environment here make the experience enjoyable.

The campus here is very peaceful. By walking around you can see a beautiful scenery filled with trees and building.There are also many beautiful architectures near the campus. Learning Chinese culture and language is very exciting.

I’ve also got the chance to learned many different cultures from students from different countries.


Yangtze University.
A fitting name for this university.
A fitting name, for such amazing campus with long history and great achievements.
A name is an identity.
bearing ”长江” as a name is, i think, a big honor, as well as a big burden and responsibility, as you have to live up to the name of this magnificent Yangtze river.
While it is, indeed, a big responsibility. but i can assure you that this school doesn't disappoint.
Like a river, this school is never static. it's always moving forward. flowing from the crack of the mountains to the vast ocean. bringing the students from nowhere, and readying them to be fit and useful for the big and diversed society.
Like a river, this school is home to unlimited flow of resources. home of infinite knowledge. home of uncountable brain food. home of unimaginably diversed life experiences. home of... us.
Yangtze University is a place where i can be myself. it's a place where i can feel the most comfortable. it's the place where i can feel welcomed. it's a home to many people who share the same feeling as me.
Yangtze University is not simply a campus. it's a home.
My name is Muhammad Dymas Novalovianto, from Indonesia ,and that was my story.


Hello! My name is HAMAT IBRAHIM HAMAT I'm from CHAD .Yangtze University is a great and safe place where you know that you are getting great education but also great experience both academically and athletically.

The campus is beautiful , the professors care about students and if you try your best there's no reason you wouldn't succeed.The environment is welcoming where diversity, hard work commitments , fun times and school spirit can all be used in the same sentence to explain the love that everyone has for this place as soon as they take their first step on it ground .

Thanks you Yangtze University


My name is Mariame Ali Hilali from Comoros.I am 20 years old. I am a first year MBBS student at Yangtze University I came to China in October of 2016 but I was in other cities so when I came to Jingzhou last October I didn’t know how the people were so I was a little apprehensive about coming to a place I didn’t know anyone.The first day I arrived at Yangtze University I was shocked about the warm welcome that I received from the volunteers from the International Students Office and all their help made me feel at ease.The first couple of days were the hardest to adapt to the change but with time I adjusted quite well and I discovered how Yangtze University really is,today as I write this I feel as though I’m at a home away from home and my dream of becoming a doctor is becoming more and more a reality.I think Yangtze University is a very welcoming,disciplined university and it has all the assets that allow foreign students like me flourish in their academic life and future careers.

Hello. My name is Ahnaf Rakib (阿纳夫)from Bangladesh. In chinese language 2018 Fall A . At first I am very thankful to ISO for giving me a chance to say something about Yangtze University. Yangtze University is a great place where you can creat a new life. In this Universitys educational environment and teachers are very friendly and enjoyable. Besides versity campus is very charming and enjoyable also knowledgeable. From nature you can gather knowledge.. mentally also physically. All of students in this university are very friendly and helpful. In a word It's a charming. Learning and safe place where you are getting more experience educationally. I am very lucky to get myself admitted in this university.



Hey! My name is Mulolwa ngoy franck aime from the Democratic republic of Congo. I am an undergraduate student of YAngtze university. September 2018 I came to China to study MBBS which is the bachelor of medicine and surgery. I remember the day i received the admission letter from Yangtze university i was both so excited and ready to fly to China because to me it was one step forward on my way to become the great surgeon! Well, of course as for everybody, my very first days in Jingzhou was not quite easy. There are a lot of good people, so kind and helpful surrounding me. Also i found the international student committee very helpful to students especially in our very first days on campus. Actually the members of this entity are making easy the lives of international students then we are really grateful. I would like to inform all my fellow out there looking for the comfortable and better place to study theirs majors, China is one of the ongoing developed countries in the world therefore living here and studying in Yangtze university can be one of the most overwhelming experiences and full of opportunities for those willing to fulfil theirs dreams. According to my own experience, Yangtze university is truly a good place for international students because is immensely rewarding students who really focus on theirs studies and hard working to bright theirs futures.

I’m Yasmine Iddrisu-Sika from Ghana. I’m a first year student studying MBBS in Yangtze University. Before coming to China to study, I wondered the challenges that awaited me here but to my surprise, things went on smoothly contrary to what I expected. With the assistance of the senior students here, coupled with the orientation organized by the International Students Office of Yangtze University, life here became very easy and comfortable.China is an amazing place to be. The Chinese culture such as the various delicious foods, the interesting Chinese language, the different festivals and the Chinese hospitality are all just amazing. I love Yangtze University! It’s beautiful and serene environment that enhances peaceful studies and a platform for positive social interaction and cultural exchange, not forgetting the amazing and dedicated teachers we have here. I’m very glad to be part of the Yangtze Family!

I am Unarine Jessica Rakole a 21 year old from South Africa. I am an MBBS student at Yangtze University. I remember when I got here I was quite excited about this new adventure that I was about to embark on, I was a bit a bit scared which is normal. I was also intimidated a bit because of language barrier and the huge difference in the culture but the International Student Office made everything quite easy and I’m always going to be grateful for that. Yangtze University is a University that is about discipline and it goes out of it’s way to make international students’ stay here pleasant. Coming here was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I can’t wait to see what the next couple of years has in store for me.


My name Mohamed Abdulhafiz Osman Ali from sudan. I am an undergraduate MBBS student. I came to China in September 2018 and now I'm studying my second semester in my major in Yangtze university. To be honest at the beginning it was a bit hard to adjust with environment and surrounding since it was a new country new culture new life but the international students office helped us a lot during our first days and were trying to help us to adapt with the environment and the culture here. The university also is trying their best to provide us with the most experienced and talented professors in each and every major. Living here is a really nice and a wonderful experience especially for those who are willing to study aboard and build a future full of success.


Hello! My name is Ayoub Emanuel Ndoje (阿由). I am from Tanzania(Buguruni). My major faculty is Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, studying in this university which is located in Jingzhou city, Hubei province, China.

When I decided to study in China, I firstly thought about the way of life in China which is totally different from people, food, language, festivals, environment and so on, but when I arrived here I gradually adapt to the environment and people in this place. As my dream of becoming a doctor, I also got a lot of experiences here in Yangtze University about my major(MBBS) and also by joining in associations like sports, entertainment and I also started to learn one of the world's most interesting language Chinese.

Am very grateful to Yangtze University and the people in this place. I just hope and pray to God everything will go well during my stay here.

My name is SHALYNA KOMBATI ,from PAPUA NEW GUINEA and right now I'm doing my first year as a medical student here in Yangtze University. This university is filled with warmhearted, kind, loving, caring and amazing people. Because the day I got here, I was warmly welcomed by the ISO  voluntary staffs and they make sure that I was comfortable .For the past six months I've been here, I've learned a lot especially the different types of cultures, festivals, the type of food they eat and also their Chinese language which was very difficult at first but as days goes by it become very interesting to speak Chinese and be able to read and write Chinese characters.

The professors here in Yangtze University are very loyal to their work ,puts all their time and effort to teach us so that we can understand ,learn and put into practice in which most of them will benefit our future in our workplace, homes and other places maby later on in the future when we're able to travel to different places .

Another thing I love about this school is the most of the locals around here are very welcoming and always smiles and greets us whenever we meet any of them .Yangtze University makes sure that our safety and wellbeing is their first priority and I really do feel safe around the campus.I really appreciate my staying and studying here in Yangtze University and hope to spend the rest of my other remaining years to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor.


My name is Jordan Kateregga from Uganda, which is part of the East African community. I am a clinical medicine student at Yangtze University . I am studying to become a doctor and further major in cardio surgery because my dream is to save as many lives as I can, so I am willing to put in as much effort as I can to graduate and I accomplish my life goals. About Yangtze University it's a multicultural and diverse university, it has people from all over different countries , I actually got to meet people from countries I didn't even think existed. The school atmosphere is peaceful, which gives you a good learning environment, you have guaranteed security, you never have to worry about any danger happening to you .The Chinese people in the neighborhood are so friendly, I have made a couple of friends and I greatly benefit from them and I have learned many things about Chinese culture, the food and of course the language itself. I'm really grateful that I am in this university.

My name is Kaluvi Chipoya. I am from Zambia. I came to Yangtze university in September 2018 to study MBBS. I was pleased with the warm and friendly welcome I was given by both the members of staff and also international students. Yangtze university has a friendly and conducive environment. The first time I came to China, I thought it would be difficult to communicate but with time I got to say a few words in Chinese with the help of my fellow international students.. I really love the Chinese language, culture and festival.... I really love the Chinese people and food... I love Yangtze university because it maintains a higher standard of discipline and educational skills.. Yangtze university is a home to allows so many students from different countries all over the world as such I got to learn different cultures and ethics... Yangtze university is in an ancient city where we get to learn more about the Chinese ancient world..... I am really happy to study my dream profession as a medical Doctor at Yangtze university... I am really blessed to be part of the Yangtze family... I love Yangtze university!!!!!!! The home of all people!!!!!!!


My name is Selam Wondwossen Desta from Ethiopia. For someone who has never traveled out of Africa, I was excited but also very nervous. When I first got here I had trouble adjusting with the weather and with all the cultural diversity. But thankfully, both the students and the school administration welcomed me with great hospitality.

As I observed the administration is tremendously organized, coordinated and takes good care of all the students individually. The teachers and professors are very enthusiastic. This university also has good accommodations and provides places for different extracurricular activities

Even though i have been in China for 5 months now, i already have met a lot of good people and caring friends. In general I am very glad i am studying in this university and I hope to gain more knowledge and experience here in Yangtze University.


 My name is Lang Van Quynh (my nick name is Selena) my Chinese name is 凌云琼. I come from Viet Nam, the neighborhood of China.  Now I’m learning Chinese language in Yangtze university in Jingzhou city, Hubei province.

     I love china since I was a child, I saw a Chinese movie and i just fell in love with this beautiful country. I thought that i must go to this country when i grow up.

     I learn Chinese not only because i love China but also because Chinese is the language that the most people in the world speak it.

     Actually the first time i came to China is in Hunan province, Hengyang city. At that time i knew that I didn’t choose wrong, and I knew i must come to China again. This time I choose Yangtze university in Jingzhou city, Hubei province as my second time tour in china.  

     At that moment i had an invitation letter from Yangtze University on my hand and i was so happy that my eyes were to drop tears. The time I come to china is national celebration, and It really makes my eyes open about China. When i came to Yangtze with the help of teachers and foreign students, everything with me goes very well. In here teachers not only teach us Chinese but also teach us Chinese culture and Chinese history and i am very interested in Chinese culture.

I’m very grateful about the opportunity that Yangtze brings to me and to many foreign students who are studying in here. I hope that in the future Yangtze can bring more and more opportunities for student all over the world to come to this wonderful China.


My name is Rattanakone inthavong and my Chinese name is 阿勇. I come from Laos. Currently, I am studying Chinese language in class 2019 fall A.

Nowadays, Chinese language begins to be used widely in Laos and huge numbers of Lao come to China to study. In my opinion, Chinese language is important as China is a great powerful country in every field. So, this is the reason why I want to study the Chinese Language.  


Luckily, I get a scholarship form Yangtze University. I appreciate this great opportunity. I am very excited and nervous because this is my first time of study aboard. When I first arrived here, I felt anxious but with the help of teachers and friends, I got better and started to enjoy studying here. Furthermore, I am really surprised to see many foreign students. They come from different parts of the world and have the same goal of learning Chinese. I really enjoy it when we try to communicate in Chinese and exchange the cultures or knowledges of different countries. The school also provides a lot of activities for us to learn culture and language, I really enjoy those.

Lastly, I would like to thank the International Student Office and staff members for giving this opportunity to me and always helping me, encouraging and taking a good care of all students.


My name is Tsend-Ochir, I am from Mongolia and I have been a Chinese language course student of Yangtze University for 2 months now. Despite the fact that I have been studying here for a short period I have already learned so much in this 2 amazing months here in Yangtze University. I have studied in many different countries and in a different city of China before, but none of them can come close to the experience I have in Yangtze University. In my past learning experiences I have noticed that location and environment is really important in learning anything. Yangtze University is located in a city called Jingzhou, a magnificently unique and cultural city full of wonderful and kind people. Furthermore the University provides me with the best studying conditions, the campus has everything i need from small restaurants full of delicious foods to convenient stores that has everything i need in daily life and the campus has cafeterias with cheap and all kins of Chinese delicacies. I spend most of my time in the University library full of amazing books and novels. And to make myr learning experience more fun and interesting the University has so many exciting activities and competitions that i will never get tired of and it helps me get out of my comfort zone and do stuffs that i never thought i could have done before. Moreover I have made so many friends from different ethnic backgrounds and different cultures, because here in Yangtze University there are students who come from almost every part of the world. Also the teachers work their best to help me with every problem and they try their best to give me the perfect studying conditions during my stay here in Yangtze University. I am so happy and glad I chose this University and I hope to have more amazing experiences here in Yangtze University.

My name is Aïda, I am from France and my major is MBBS in Yangtze University. Now, I am studying the language in the first year.

I always dream to come to China because it is one of the biggest countries in the world, so it is really incredible to come and live here. This day came and my dream was becoming true. I am studying Chinese language which is an art, but I want to learn more about China. My country is very far from here so the life is very different: that is why China is very interesting for me.

I am the only French in this school so it is very difficult to integrate into this new environment if you are alone and far from your family and your relationships that you have build in your country. But with time going, I meet a lot of people from different countries with different culture and I do not feel myself alone anymore. People are open and talking to me and know more about me. All my teachers are very open to everyone of us and they share their experiences and knowledge. Moreover, the International Students Office's staff is very helpful; they are always available to answer my questions and give me advice to make better my life as a student here.

I like it here, and I hope that I will success in this school to make my dream of becoming a doctor come true.


My name is Irina, I was born in Russia. In 2019 I sent a letter to Yangtze University.  I waited about a month for an answer, I was very worried, but I was lucky, they accepted me.  Then I started my journey to China.  I have gone to China before, but I have never been in the south, when I arrived here i was shocked by the weather. When I left Russia, it was September, the temperature was a maximum of15 degree, and when I arrived in jingzhou and it was 35 degrees.  For me it is not usual because I am from Siberia.  When I arrived at the university, what I met is all kindness. The atmosphere in the university is very pleasant, all outgoing, and a lot of informative lessons. Despite the fact that I am only in the second month at Yangtze University, I Join in many courses, such as volleyball, dancing, and also I am in the activity department and I am a representative of Russia. I like how teachers teach here, and how they relate to students, I want to continue to learn the Chinese culture and Chinese, studying my major at the undergraduate level, I really like Yangtze University


My name is Nasir Ikram Awan. I am from Canada.

I recall my first day stepping foot into the campus of Yangtze University knowing that this will become my home for the coming years, my heart pounding, eyes fueled with ambition and a goal to become part of the extraordinary individuals providing medical assistance worldwide. I knew that Yangtze University had all the things necessary in making me the doctor i always dreamed of becoming. Being a foreign student is a tough choice to make because as a foreign student you do not just face the burden that comes with your respective studies but you also have to face the issues that rise with accommodation, food and other aspects during your educational period. However, I am very delighted to say that the transition from Canada to China for me has been a very pleasant one. I owe it all to the friendly, supportive and well educated staff and senior students associated with this preeminent university. Moreover, before my arrival to Yangtze University, I was extremely nervous regarding the language barrier i would have to face in China however, the material being taught to us in our classes along with the additional aid provided by the university is a great catalyst in our rapid growth and understanding of the language and culture of China. The staff especially members of the International Student Union (ISO) are present to help in any way they can to make our educational and personal life a growing and prosperous one. Since arriving I have made friends from all over the world which goes to show the accepting atmosphere and diversity of Yangtze. To all the international students still contemplating the idea of coming to Yangtze University, I would like to say that it is one of the best decisions i have made and everyday here in Yangtze makes me more and more sure. To conclude, as a student of Yangtze University I can say that here we believe in rising together.  


My name is Natthanan Siripattanakulkajorn and my Chinese name is 王甜甜. I come from Thailand. I am a first year  post graduate student of Industrial
I have been studying here for almost two years. At the first year, I applied for Chinese language course. Before I came here, I didn’t have any basics of Chinese so I thought it would be very hard for me to stay here but I found out that Chinese language is very interesting and I really enjoy of studying in both inside and outside the classroom. I can learn Chinese  from everywhere I go and I feel thankful to those Chinese people who I met. They are very nice and friendly because they are always willing to communicate and help us. During the classroom time also, the teachers are very kind and friendly, they really want us to be good in Chinese so they tried their best to teach us. I really had a great time and I have learned a lot from them. Moreover, I have a chance to meet new friends from different countries.
I was very impressed but the first year so I designed to continue my masters here. And this year, the school provides more activities that I really like them.
I would like to thanks to all the teachers and staff member that always helping and providing this opportunity to me.



I’m Katherine Romero and my Chinese name is 凯瑟琳 I’m from Ecuador the country situated in South America. I am a Undergraduate student major International Economy and Trade at Yangtze University.

This is my first time taking all my online classes. It is a big challenge and it’s not easy for international students who are living in different zones, but I’ve enjoyed to have opportunity to study at YU. I think Yangtze University has a good teaching method and is the most suitable for my goal. Most of the classes are taught in English. There is no difficulty for me to understand.

On the other hand, studying in China will allow me to acquire some skills, which I can apply in the future to contribute to the development of my country. I hope to visit Jingzhou city soon, because I think it’s a beautiful ancient city and I will enjoy my student life there. I’ll definitely fall in love with this city.

I recommend you study at YU because I consider that it’s a perfect place for studying and you will get more experience educationally.

I am grateful to the teachers from admission office because they are very friendly and helpful.



My name is Natalia Jakubowska and I am from Poland. I am the first year student of International Economy and Trade in Yangtze University. Since I was a kid I was dreaming about traveling and visiting new countries and because of that I also decided to study aboard, couple years ago I didn't know where, but then I started to read about Asian culture especially Chinese culture and then I decided that I want to study in China and learn Mandarin. Then I met my good friend who is from China and she recommended me Yangtze University as a great school for International students, so I decided to apply, and then I was lucky and got admission!

My first impression of Yangtze University is how helpful the staff are. I cannot go to China right now because of the pandemic but even now teachers are so helpful, friendly and understanding with everything. I studied here just since couple of weeks and I am sure I made a right decision about choosing this University and I can't wait to be there in person.

I am sure that studying in different country that's a big challenge and I know that International students are so brave and motivated to do a hard work. And I hope I will meet many people like that when I arrive there.



My name is David Veciero(张城强) from Indonesia. Given an opportunity to study in China is like a dream comes true, especially to be able to study in Yangtze University. I am very grateful because YU opened a path of success for me by allowing me to get one of the scholarship. To be able to study postgraduate degree has always been my goal. I would like to thank YU for the opportunity given to me even at this pandemic situation.

The education and experiences given in YU allow me to become the better version of myself. I am very sure my major study in YU could help me reach success in the future. Study in YU also helps me broaden my view and open my social understanding. I learn about that Chinese history, culture, and languages are very meaningful and important experiences for me. I also learn about how diverse our world is with lots of people throughout the continent come to study in China. I managed to learn varies culture from Asia, Europe, Africa, and even America. I am able to have friends from different country and background in Yangtze University.

I wish all the best for YU.

Thank you YU.