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Application Guidelines for "China-Africa Friendship" Chinese Government Scholarship Program for 2021-2022 Academic Year at Yangtze University

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Program Introduction

This program is a full scholarship program funded by the Ministry of Education for some Chinese universities to independently recruit outstanding international students from African countries to study in China. Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Yangtze University is responsible for recruiting outstanding students from African countries to study in agronomy-related graduate programs.

Qualifications for Application

1. Applicants are non-Chinese citizens of African countries and are in good health.

Note: Applicants who were originally Chinese citizens and later joined foreign nationality or applicants whose both or one of their parents are Chinese citizens and settled in foreign countries and who have foreign nationality at the time of their birth should have a valid foreign passport or nationality document for at least 4 years (inclusive) and have a record of actual residence in a foreign country for at least 2 years within the last 4 years (before April 30 of the year of admission).

2. Master's degree applicants must have a bachelor's degree and be no more than 35 years old; PhD applicants must have a master's degree and be no more than 40 years old.

3. This program only supports master's degree students and doctoral students in some fields of agronomy. Applicants for the program taught in Chinese language must have a certificate of HSK-4 or above; applicants for the program taught in English language must pass an interview in English.

Scholarship Content and Criteria

This program is a full scholarship with the following criteria:

Admission Programs

This program only supports some master and doctoral majors in agronomy

Doctoral degree programs

Crop Protection

Crop Genetics and Breeding

Crop Cultivation and Farming

Horticultural Plant Resources and Utilization

Master's degreeprograms:

Crop Science

Plant Protection

Landscape Architecture

Language of Instruction


Application Process:

1. Login and register for the "Online Application System for Studying in China" (

2. Select Type B and fill in Yangtze University code: 10489

3. Fill out the application form, upload all application documents to the CSC system and submit the information.

Note: Yangtze University does not accept paper documents.

Application Materials:

1. "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form" (completed in Chinese or English)

2. Notarized certificate of highest education (notarized Chinese or English translation is required)

3. Notarized transcripts of all semesters of high school studies (notarized translations in Chinese or English are required)

4. Plan of study and research in China (in Chinese or English, no less than 300 words)

5. Recommendation letters from two teachers

6. Copy of the Foreigner Medical Examination Form valid for six months

7. Full page of valid passport photo

8. Clear electronic photo of the individual (uploaded to CSC system)

9. Certificate of no criminal record

10. Publication materials of thesis


Application Period:

June 4, 2021 - June 14, 2021

Acceptance and Notification

By the end of June, YU will determine the scholarship award list and submit it to China Scholarship Council (CSC); CSC will review university admission results and determine the acceptance list; by the end of July, the accepted candidates will be issued the Letter of admission and the Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Coming to China (Form JW201).


1. Incomplete and untrue application materials, non-existent application majors or not in the scope of project funding will not be considered.

2. All application documents should be completed in Chinese or English and all uploaded to the CSC application website.

3. A notarized translation in Chinese or English of the diploma/highest degree certificate and transcripts must be provided.

4. Acceptance materials will be sent to the address entered in the "Permanent Address" section of the application form, please keep the information accurate and do not provide a post office address.

5. Applicants must fill in the correct WeChat account or Skype account when applying on the CSC website, and ensure that the account is online for a long time in order to be notified of the interview.

Contact information

Miss Wan (Samantha)/ Mr. Wang (Hogan)

Tel: +86-716-8060267

Skype: hogan.hogan988