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Voice of Alumni for Combating COVID-19 (6) Hizbullah Talpur ,Pakistan

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Hello everyone, my name is Dr Hizbullah Talpur and I am graduated from Yangtze University China in 2019.

Recently I heard that there is a new outbreak of Covid-19 in Jingzhou Hubei China and I am worried about my Yangtze University teachers, Yangtze University Students and all International Students Office staff that you are all doing well my prayers are always with you, Please stay in your home, stay in your hostels and avoid crowded places, wear mask whenever wherever you go when you come back to your hostels, your rooms or your homes then wash your hands frequently and I am happy to encouraging you that you are all doing your best and I hope you are all safe whenever you are talking with anyone please remember wear your mask and it's the only protection that will help us to fight against COVID-19.

I am really happy that you are all doing well my prayers are always with you. Thanks a lot.

大家好,我是Hizbullah Talpur医生,2019年毕业于中国长江大学。