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Voice of Alumni for Combating COVID-19 (2) Hammad Zaheer,Pakistan

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Hello everyone,I am Hammad Zaheer, a Pakistani Clinical Medicine alumnus of Yangtze University. Recently,I have heard  Jingzhou was influenced by COVID-19, so  all students should wear masks. Do not gather. Do not go out unless necessary. Follow rules and regulations of the university. It has been a tough time though, so please do stick to it. Success belongs to the persevering. I am sure that with the joint efforts of all the teachers and students of Yangtze University, we will be able to overcome all the difficulties and everything will be fine. Stay strong,Jingzhou, Stay strong,Yangtze University!

大家好,我是Hammad Zaheer,长江大学12级巴基斯坦籍临床医学校友。最近听说荆州出现了新冠疫情,请所有的同学戴好口罩,不聚集,非必要不外出,遵循学校的规章制度。这一段时间虽然很艰难,请大家一定坚持到底,坚持就是胜利。我相信,在长江大学全体老师和学生的共同努力下,我们一定能战胜疫情,一切都会好起来。荆州加油,长江大学加油!