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The First International Postgraduate Students’ Academic Forum was Successfully Held with the Second Presentation

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In order to improve the quality of international students' education and promote the academic exchange of graduate students during the epidemic, School of International Education successfully held the second presentation of the first international students' academic forum with the Second Presentation on May 20, 2022.

AMPONSAH RANDY KWAKU, a Ghanaian master's student in Agriculture and Forestry Economics and Management, gave a presentation entitled "Enriching International Students' Learning and Life by Making Full Use of Available Resources and Opportunities". The presentation introduced the various academic resources available to international students, especially international graduate students, and the various opportunities that should be seized. At the end of the presentation, RANDY interacted with the offline and online audience, answering questions from them one by one.

After the session, many participants expressed their pleasure to participate in such an informative and useful forum, which helped them further understand the importance of effectively using various resources and grasping opportunities, and further strengthen their confidence in their future studies and life.