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Notice on Academic Year 2022 / 2023 International Students’ Annual Review of Yangtze University

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To all International Scholarship Students:

In order to strengthen the management and play the benefit and function of Chinese government scholarship and scholarships, the Academic Year 2022/2023 international students’ annual review is about to start. According to the relevant regulations of China Scholarship Council (CSC) and Yangtze University (YU), all the YU international scholarship students must participate in this annual review and will be reviewed from Ideological Moral Behaviour, Educational Performance, Learning (scientific research) Attitude and Activity Performance, and only those who pass the annual review will have the qualification to continue their study in the next academic year. Related items on the annual review are as follows:

1. Review Object

(1) International Scholarship Students who will continue their study in YU as scheduled since September 2022;
(2) International
Scholarship Students who should graduate in July 2022 as planned, but will plan to apply for study extension and meet the extension requirements;

2. Review Content

(1) Ideological Moral Behavior (30 points);

(2) Educational Performance (30 points);

(3) Learning (scientific research) Attitude (20 points);

(4) Activity Performance (20 points).

PS:The evaluation opinions are divided into two types: qualified and unqualified. Those with a total score of 60 or above will be regarded as qualified. For those students who are not qualified for Chinese government scholarships, the State Scholarship Council will suspend or cancel their scholarships. For other scholarship students who fall, Yangtze University will cancel their scholarship.

3. Review Instruction

(1) School of International Education has established annual review leadership working team, and set review committee;

(2) The details of annual review refer to Annual Review Measure for International Scholarship Students of Yangtze University (Trial);

(3) CSC students are required to complete this annual review in Chinese government scholarship management information system. Other scholarship students are required to refer to above Annual Review Measure, and contact with own class adviser;

(4) The final results of this annual review for CSC scholarship students will be decided by China Scholarship Council. Other scholarship studentsresult will be decided by YU.

School of International Education

Yangtze University