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Notice on 2021 Fall Semester Scholarship Students’ Annual Review

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Notice on 2021 Fall Semester Scholarship Students’ Annual Review

To all scholarship students:

In order to strengthen the management and play the benefit and function of all kinds of scholarships,the 2021 Fall Semester international studentsannual review is about to start. All the scholarship students in China must participate in the annual review and only those who pass it will have the qualification to continue their study in the next academic year. Related items on the annual review are as follows:

1. Review Object

1All scholarship students in China.

2. Review Content

1)2021 Fall Semester academic result;

2)Learning attitude and attendance;

3) Research publication, rewards and punishments.

3. Material Submission

1) Fill out research publication online statistics;

2) Any kind of award certificate or other relevant supporting materials.

4. Time and place

306 room, 15th building at 8:30 am on December 30, 2021(Thursday).

5. Review procedure and schedule

1) School of International Education has established annual review leadership working team, and set review committee;

2) Everyone should make a PPT to show your performance in 2021 fall semester ( less than 6 minutes);

3) The review committee will verify the materials, discuss and release the review result.

6. Others

Those who do not participate in the annual review of the scholarship without any reason will be disqualified from the scholarship from September, 2022. Please inform each other.

School of International Education

Yangtze University