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Two YU International Students were Admitted to Chinese Wonderful Universities

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Recently, good news came from the School of International Education. MD SUHEL RANA(BANGLADESH) and AYE AYE HTUN(MYANMAR), two master's degree students from the School of Computer Science and the School of Agriculture respectively in Yangtze University, were admitted to two wonderful universities, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Henan Agricultural University. This is another breakthrough since our international student MIRZA UMAR BAIG (PAKISTAN) was admitted to Tsinghua University (the top university in China and the world) in 2020.

The international students education of degree’s programme in Yangtze University began in 2012, and it has admitted and cultivated more than 250 postgraduates, including more than 70 postgraduates at school now. YU has always attached great importance to the cultivation of master's degree and doctoral degree students. In recent years, it has strengthened the high-quality training of postgraduates by organizing Chinese Government Scholarship postgraduate seminars, holding postgraduate academic exchange meetings, inviting outstanding international students alumni to return to offer exchange seminars, and continuously reforming the system of postgraduate education for international students.

With the joint efforts of the different schools departments, MSIGWA SAMWEL SYLVESTER(TANZANIA), TCHAMENI ALAIN PIERRE(CAMEROON), AYE AYE HTUN (MYANMAR)and other postgraduates have published more than 80 papers in high level journals around the world such as "Huazhong Architecture" and Geosystem Engineering. In 2021, a total of 17 postgraduates will graduate from YU. With the help of meticulous guidance of Professor Deng Jianxin and Professor Zhan Wei, MD SUHEL RANA and AYE AYE HTUN have successfully became the PhD students of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Henan Agricultural University. According to incomplete statistics, in the past five years, many YU international students have successively obtained master's degree and doctoral degree from other Chinese famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Chongqing University, and Tongji University.

The School of International Education will continue to increase the quality and level of international education and cultivate talents who can integrate China and the world.