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News & Events

2016 New Year’s Cultural Show & Graduation Party [2016-01-07]
The 2nd ICCA Cultural Show --Wonderful World of Colourful Culture [2015-12-17]
2015 Scholarship Awarding Ceremony & Orientation Session for Internati.. [2015-11-19]
New Recruitment and The First Meeting of ICCA [2015-10-23]
IEC Makes Great Progress in 2015 Sport Meeting [2015-10-15]
Commencement Ceremony for International Master Degree Candidates [2015-06-28]
2015 International Students Football Tournament [2015-06-17]
2015 Yangtze University Postgraduate’s Graduation Show [2015-06-01]
YU joins in the Second Hubei International Students Culture and Art Pe.. [2015-05-27]
2015 International Students Volleyball Tournament [2015-05-22]
Thanksgiving Ceremony for the Nepal Earthquake Donation [2015-05-07]
Donation for Earthquake Victims of Nepal [2015-04-28]
Auditions for Postgraduate’s Farewell Show [2015-04-21]
2015 Cricket Tournament [2015-02-20]
International Students Badminton Tournament [2015-02-04]
Master’s Degree Awarding Ceremony for Medical International Students [2015-01-24]
The First Thesis Defence for Medical International Postgraduate [2015-01-24]
The First ICCA Cultural Show [2014-12-24]
Orientation Session & Scholarship Awarding Ceremony [2014-12-18]