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Myanmar Alumni of Yangtze University

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I am Sein Lai Lai Aung, a Deputy-Staff Officer of the Plant Protection Division, Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Irrigation, Yangon, Myanmar.

I came to China in September 2017 to pursue a 3-year Master program in Plant Protection, School of Agriculture, Yangtze University, China. My dream has been fulfilled helping by my supervisor, my classmates, and staffs from my university within time and happily. Thanks to my supervisor Deng Jianxin for supporting on my educational path. With the help of my supervisor, I managed to publish scientific papers in the SCI journal. I was able to make 6 publications (2 publications as a first author and 4 publications as a co-author) in the SCI journals. Also, I want to say thanks to the International Student Office (ISO) for their helped and supported while I was studying in China. Finally, I really thank the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) which supported me in my study life in China.

I am very proud to be an alumnus of the great and wonderful School of Agriculture at Yangtze University. After returning to my country, I will be able to provide the best support for my country's agricultural sectors with the knowledge skilled in China, and I will be able to provide more benefits in the future. I hope I can be able to link my country with China in the Agricultural sector in the near future. Therefore, I will strongly recommend future agricultural students who are not only in my country but also to every country to achieve knowledge of the good subjects, managements and strong academic programs at Yangtze University.