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YU New International Students in 2021 Fall Semester (3)--DANIEL NLIMAH(加纳 油气田开发工程 博士研究生)

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In the very succinct words of the former South African president Nelson Mandela, as he put it, “after climbing a great hill, one only finds out that there are many more hills to climb”. I am DANIEL NLIMAH GAAL-NJOLNBI from Ghana. After my bachelor’s degree Land Economy, I decided to have a career diversion and thus pursued a master’s degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in Turkey. Having resolved to bring to pass my goal of becoming a top-class consulting engineer, I joined the School of Petroleum Engineering at Yangtze University (YU), where I am currently a PhD student majoring in Oil-Gas Field Development Engineering.


China is a place where the earliest known oil and gas wells were drilled and also pioneered the world’s modern petroleum industry. One compelling factor for choosing YU is its congenial environment for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education. Petroleum studies is an integrated subject which thrives on bits from many interdependent disciplines and YU is a cluster of them with an incredible number of state-of-the-art laboratories and research centers. They facilitated the first meeting with my supervisor professor Zhang Feifei. I’m thrilled to be working with him and his affable team of students and lab technicians as I prepare for a life of advanced scientific research and quality publications. This is what I have longed-for, a place to hone my knowledge and skills. YU’s Oil-Gas Field Development program is field tailored and hence the right choice for specialized and in-depth knowledge acquisition, training and skill development for the challenging life in petroleum and energy industry.


Furthermore, my life in YU is a momentous opportunity, as I am being exposed daily to a vast wealth of academic and professional life experiences in the oil and gas discipline. The professional seminars, conferences and research presentations from seasoned faculty members, top-class industry gurus, colleague doctoral and master’s students is a source of inspiration for greater heights. The synergy between academia and industry is seen in the specialized tasks of research centers.  No doubt China is the second largest economy in the world, driven by a fast-paced high-tech manufacturing industry, mining industry, telecommunication and many more. I sincerely admire the hard work of the Chinese people and the great achievements of China. I do not take for granted the opportunities to build a strong professional network at the global stage with the professors, colleagues and industry specialists. I’m basically living in my vision of yesterday and there is still a lot to learn from this culture. I particularly admire the Chinese tenacity and resilience towards life. Aside focusing on my major studies, I am also receiving lessons on Chinese history and Mandarin (Chinese language). We are therefore getting to know more about China, can recognize a good number of Chinese characters (Hànzì) and beginning to construct few Chinese sentences.


I deeply appreciate the opportunity given me by CSC – Chinese Government Scholarship program and I relish each day being part of the YU community. Together with other great minds, we will develop new and clean ways of petroleum resource exploitation for sustainable economic growth.  By mid-year of 2024, I hope to receive the accolade of a YU Alumni and would return to Ghana as a trustworthy “Chinese Ambassador” to tell all my people about my own Chinese Story. It’s important to note that the Ghana-China relationship has made tremendous strides. For instance, the lead contractor for Ghana gas processing facility is SINOPEC Inc. of China. China has been very active in the upstream and mid-stream petroleum sectors of Ghana as a financier of game-changing economic projects. My plan (beyond 2 years after returning to Ghana) is to properly establish my company to among others engage in consultancy and  petroleum sector support activities so as to take advantage of the opportunity created by the local content legal regime. I also plan to take on part-time teaching at one of the academic faculties in Ghana and teach Ghana students  about what I have learned in YU. I hope more and more international students will study in YU and realize your dream.




南非前总统纳尔逊·曼德拉 (Nelson Mandela) 曾说:“爬了一座大山之后,才发现还有很多山要爬”。我是来自加纳的 DANIEL NLIMAH GAAL-NJOLNBI。在获得土地经济学士学位后,我决定转行,在土耳其伊斯坦布尔技术大学攻读石油和天然气工程硕士学位。为了成为世界一流的工程师,我来到了长江大学,目前是学校石油工程学院油气田开发工程专业的博士研究生。


中国是世界上最早开采和使用石油与天然气的国家,也是世界现代石油工业的先驱。选择长江大学的一个重要原因是学校拥有良好的跨学科综合教育平台(STEM,包含科学、技术、工程和数学)。石油研究是一门综合学科,它与许多其它学科的知识相互依存。长江大学集合了很多优势学科,拥有许多先进的实验室和研究中心。我很荣幸能在导师张菲菲教授的指导下学习,与他的第一次交流的场景历历在目。在长江大学,我可以很好的为高级别科学研究和高质量论文发表做准备。这里是我向往的地方,一个提升知识和技能的地方。 油气田开发是一门深入实践的学科,虽然来到长江大学学习充满了挑战,但是这也是一个获取知识、参与培训和提升技能的绝佳机会。