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The Procedures of 2018 Admission for Bachelor's Degree
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First step
Study more about the school and the programs of YU. Get university and program information and read details in our website before starting your application. Make a decision on which program and which degree you are going to apply for.

Second step
Send application documents. Send necessary documents to the email of Yangtze University fao@yangtzeu.edu.cn, including transcripts, application form, passport, etc.

Third step
Get the offer letter. Get your offer letter within 7 days if application documents are qualified.

Fourth step
Pay the fee. Complete the tuition payment(2000 U.S. dollars) to keep you in the waiting list. Please send us the scanned copy of the receipt after payment.

Fifth step
Get the result. Usually it takes 3-4 weeks to get visa documents (jw202 form) from the government after Yangtze University gets your partial fee in it bank account.

Sixth step
Prepare for your travel to China. If you get all visa documents, you can prepare your visa application and flight booking. Please inform the International Students Office the details of your flights 5 days before your departure to China.

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