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2018 Volunteer Teaching Program in Xing Shan Country

“Silk Road” Foreign Students’Volunteer team, with the support of International Education College, YangtzeUniversity, actively participated in the 2018 welfare Summer Classes which tookplace in Shui Yue Si Central School, Xingshan country, Yichang city from 29thJuly to 31th July. This team consist of three teachers fromInternational Students Office and six International students including RajGurung (Nepalese), Febry Hehanussa (Indonesian), Muhammad Arslan (Pakistani),Muhammad Saleh (Pakistani), Mahwash Farooq (Pakistani), and Lokraj Kandel(Nepalese).

6 international students gavelessons and shared about the history and culture of their own country tochildren in the morning, 30th July. It was really nice to see howthe children react for the class. They welcomed the 6 teachers warmly by respondingto the teaching programs in class via different ways such as Q&A and games.The best part is that they learned how to use English to communicate withteachers and be brave to spread their ideas.

On the next day also the last day,international students and one teacher performed a group dance in the closingceremony of the Summer Classes. The children of that school also presentedsongs, clarinet playing, dances, and speech.

The experience was not onlysignificant to the local children, but also to the volunteers, and this programstrengthened foreign volunteers’ understandings of Chinese western mountainarea.  

Report by: Febry


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