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2018 International Students Cultural Show

The "International Cultural and Entertainment Show-2018", organized by the International Student Union (ISU) and sponsored by the International Students Office, was held at the Nanyuan Auditorium of the East Campus. All the ISO staff and class advisors, more than 500 international students from about 30 countries and many Chinese students attended the show together.

The program began at 7:30, evening with eight presenters from Africa, Indonesia and Pakistan stepping up to the stage and making opening ceremony. The show began with English song by Philip, an international student from Tanzania, Abhinav singing with playing guitar (supported by drummer Raj), Furious Boys amazing performance and The Nepali group Abhinav Dance Crew's dynamic hip-hop dance. The exotic Indonesian folk dance "Wonderful Indonesian" and Nepali folk dance are the highlight of the evening. The beautiful dancing, movement and characteristic folk dress light up the stage.

In the middle of the evening, "Grab Stool" games and raffle events were added, in which some teachers of international students took part. The Kung Fu Show, performed by Chinese students and international students, once again pushed the evening to a climax. Lemuel, a student from Ghana, and Febry, an Indonesian group, played the piano and sang. The folk songs sung by Maani, Pakistani student, again entertain the audience. The Chinese song "忘记拥抱" by Tadiwa Zimbabwe and "Song Mix" by the Indonesian group, Fawzia and Irfan was the most perfect one. Their standard pronunciation shook the audience.

The passionate folk Dance of the Elite Dance Crew in African countries has ignited the crowd, with occasional screams from the audience. Modeling, performed by students from more than 10 countries including Montenegro, Mongolia, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Ghana, and Malaysia, etc. became the highlight of the evening. Students from all over the world are dressed in their own national costumes. It's a wonderful and unique show that leaves the audience with a lot of interest and entertainment.

The show has become an important platform for diverse-cultural exchange and expose between Chinese and foreign students.

Report by: Raj Gurung


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