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International Students Won the Championship of Yangtze University Volleyball Tournament 2018

Volleyball Association of Yangtze University organized  volleyball tournament 2018 for boys as well as for girls in April, 2018. International Volleyball Team(Boy) won the Championship  on Sunday, 6th May 2018 at Yangtze University Indoor-Volleyball Court, nearby south gate, East campus.

The girl’s team was leaded by captain, Marie and they all played well during their whole tournament and finally they got 7th position. For boy’s volleyball, captain Erique leaded the team. They played 7 matches during whole tournaments including semifinal and final with 3 sets of match for each game. When they reached in round-robin stage (semifinal), they faced competitive team. Because of perfect teamwork and diligent players, international team won their semifinal with good points.

They faced their final with the sports major team of Chinese students. It was a very interesting game and lots of supporters were there to support their team. It was also played for 3 sets (best of 3). The points were 25-19(win), 22-25(lost), 15-11(win). Finally captain Erique lifted the winning trophy for boys volleyball team.

Reported By: Raj Gurung


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