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2018 International students Soccer Tournament

Yangtze University International Students Union (ISU) organized International students soccer tournament 2018 for boys as well as for girls. The tournament began from 24th April 2018 for girls and for boys it started on 25th April 2018. The finals took place on Friday, 4th May 2018 at Yangtze University football ground, East campus.

First, the last game for girls took place which proceeded to half time without a goal from either side. In the second half the captain of MBBS 2016 Spring ‘A’ Prisca scored the decisive goal against MBBS 2016 Fall ‘B’ which was captained by Hana Alwi leading it to victory with 1-0.

For boys tournament GH Top Shatters (Ghana) clinched a clean win against Mt. Everest (Nepal) by 6-0. Bernard Iso, Tony, Kyei, and Gideon scored 1 goal each while Eric scored 2 goals from the winning side. Regardless of the results it was a tough fight from all the sides in all the matches.

Prisca lifted the winning trophy for girls team. Raj Gurung (captain of Mt. Everest) lifted the runners up trophy while Eric (captain of GH Top Shatters) with Reuben accepted the trophy from the winning side. Prisca, and Eric (Eric scored most goals throughout the tournament – 8) won the award for best player of their respective tournament. Meshack won the award for the best referee.  

Members from International Students Office attended the closing ceremony with Samad Rizvi as the host, the organizing team of Minister of sports and entertainment department Bernard Iso, the Vice ministers Deepika Chaurasia and Alfira Noviantari Belasari and its members. It was the first and a successful event organized by International Students Union. Bernard Iso, Raj Gurung and Saddam Hussain got the awards for the best organizers.

Reported By: Muneel Rizvi


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