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2017 Opening Ceremony & Outstanding Students Commendation Conference

2017 Opening Ceremony & Outstanding Students Commendation Conference for International Students was held in reporting hall # 405, 12th  teaching building,  East Campus on December 12, 2017 at 2:30 pm. Ceremony was hosted by Prof. Zeng Yajun, Acting Director of Office of International Exchange & Cooperation.

Prof.Zhou Sizhu, Vice President of Yangtze University, made a speech to welcome new students on behalf of Yangtze University and congratulated the scholarship winners. He appreciated their choice for studying here and hoped that Yangtze University will play a great role in their education. Dr. Zheng Yun from Medical School made a speech hoping that all international students can actively understand the history of the school, learn the traditional culture of China, and encourage the freshmen to become highly skilled and conscientious doctors. Eric Jambo talked about his life and experience on behalf of new students. Fatima Izhar as the scholarship winner and Moh`d Ehab Yousef Sharaf as the outstanding student representative shared their study experience. Certificates of Honors were granted to the students and total of 103 international students got scholarships in 2017.

Jing zhou municipal public security bureau deputy secretary, school deputy director of Yangtze university Guan Zeping told international students how to protect their life and property, encouraged international students to take part in campus activities and not to involve themselves in disagreeable hobbies.

(Reporter Song Yuting,Photographer: Cheng juan)


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