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International students achieved good results in 2017 Jingzhou International Marathon

With the red flags fluttering in the ancient city of Three Kingdoms, tens of thousands of masters of sports challenged Jingzhou Marathon. Jingzhou International Marathon was held as scheduled at eight o’clock on October 28th. 55 international students from Parkistan, Nepal and nearly ten countries of Yangtze University participated in the Jingzhou International Marathon Competition. AFZAAL AHMAD from Parkistan got the first prize in the mini Marathon.

At 7:30 in the morningam, the launching ceremony of Jingzhou International Marathon was held at the gate of the Guangong Park. As the whistle blew, nearly 10,000 runners started off the track. The first striding across the starting line were full marathon runners, then followed by half marathon and mini marathon runners. Participants in the mini marathon ran along the Inner South Road, Inner North Road, Renmin Road, and eventually reached the end Tianwen Square. Through hard work and struggle, AFZAAL AHMAD (Chinese Name, Ai Guo) got the first place in the mini 8km marathon. He told reporters that he liked running at usual time and he was particularly pleased with this achievement. He said that he hoped to take part in the full marathon next time. It was reported that all the 55 international students of our university had completed the race and reached the final destination.

With the development of international students education in our university, many international students in our university have been invited to participate in the public welfare culture activities organized by the community, primary and secondary schools, enterprises and other organizations outside of the university. While improving the influence of the university and its social attention, it also enriches international students' experience of social activities and enhances their integration and recognition of Chinese society and Chinese culture.

(Reporter Amanda,Photographer: Gao Ge)


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