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International Students Joined in YU the Fourteenth Sports Meeting

On November 10th and 11th, the grand opening ceremony of the Fourteenth Sports Meeting was held by Yangtze University on the playground of the east campus. At the opening ceremony, international students team from International Education School won a number of first places in individual items, a third place of the opening ceremony square review, and a fourth place at Boys A Grade.

At 8 a.m. of 10th, the ceremony was performed in a white fog. Led by Dr Zeng Yajun, the acting director of International Office, the international students square consisting of 30 students from Parkistan, Jordan, Nepal, and Ghana participated in the opening ceremony for the review. Stepping forward with confidence and smile, they showed their expectations and passion toward the game, which became the beautiful scenery on the playground.  

In the subsequent sports games, the 30 international students participated in 15 items of track and field, high jump, long jump, tug of war and etc. After two days of fierce competition, they finally scored gratifying results. For example, Kojo Boateng and Bernard both from Ghana won the first and third place in Men's 100-meter Race respectively. Bernard said he was an amateur runner, who signed up running game every year and had won a lot of medals, hoping to break the 100 dash next time. Afzaal Ahmad (Chinese name: Ai Guo) won the fourth place in Men's 400-meter Race. After the game, he told us that he was not very satisfied with the result of the competition, and hoped to achieve the best result in the next match. M. Asim, Raj, Shams and Afzaal Ahmad got a first place in the Men’s 4*100 Relay Race. In the games, the participation and performance of international students won the cheers of the audience. It not only showed the charm of sports, but also the charm of competition and friendship, which added a variety of glory to the meeting.

Sports has no borders. The game provided a platform for the Chinese and international students to help each other, strengthen friendship between Chinese and foreign countries, carry forward the sports spirit of "Friendship First, Competition Second", and form a precious memories of the international students in Yangtze University.

(Reporter: Amanda,Photographer: Cheng Juan, Tan Mengyuan)


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