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International Students Experienced the Culture of the Dragon Boat Festival

May 5th, Lunar Calendar (May 30th solar calendar) was the Dragon Boat Festival. On this traditional Festival, International Education College organized international students who come from Korea, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia to experience the Culture of the Dragon Boat Festival.

This activity is an important part of the theme practical activity named “ Enjoy traditional Festival together and promote Chinese culture” which is organized by International Education College. The experiential activity included three programs: 1. Lecture the Culture of the Dragon Boat Festival and its history. 2. The practical class of making traditional Chinese rice dumplings. 3. International students and Chinese students dance together for friendship.

The whole experiential activity was very successful and it brought international students a closer understanding of the Culture of the Dragon Boat Festival. Kang jianhu, deputy dean of International Education College said this kind of activity which can deepen friendship between Chinese students and Foreign students and promote Chinese culture at the same time should be organized more in the future.

                                                (Editor: Joe)


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