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2016 Yangtze University International Students Tug-of-War Competition

2016 Yangtze University International Students Tug-of-war Competition was organized by International Students Sports Association (ISSA) here at East Campus, Yangtze University on December 4, 2016.

20 teams took part in the Boys event from different class sections and played a Knockout based Best of 3 round format. The defending Champions MBBS 2012 Fall A once again emerges victorious over their arch rivals Post-Graduate Students team in the Boys Final after a fierce show of strength by both teams. 3 teams of Girls also took part in the event where MBBS 2015 Spring B won the final beating the girl’s team of Post-Graduate students in a well fought Finale. Overall event was successful as a huge crowd came to witness the epic rope pulling battle among the international students.

Members from International Students Office attended the closing ceremony and handed out the medals and trophies to both the finalist teams.  

Report by:
Samad Ali Rizvi


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