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ICCA Members Guided New International Students to Visit Jingzhou History Museum

International Cultural Communication Association of Yangtze University known as ICCA, organized their first activity in this semester on Octber 16, 2016. New Chairman and members of ICCA took new International students to visit Jingzhou History Museum.

New International students come from more than ten different countries which are Bolivia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Tanzania, Mongolia, Republic of the Congo and so on. Many of them come to Yangtze university for Master's degree. They marveled at brilliant history and civilization of China after they have watched so many absolutely elegant relics and they were all very interested in the corpse of Han Dynasty which is well-preserved. Students tried to learn the story and background of each relic with the help of English introductions in the museum and ICCA members’ explanation.

Members of the ICCA and international students were very interested in future activities like this, because it is very beneficial for cultural communication and also a very good way to help new international students adapt to their life in China.


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