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2016 Yangtze International Students Volleyball Tournament

2016 Yangtze University International Students Volleyball Tournament was organized by International Students Sports Association (ISSA) at East Campus Volleyball Court, Yangtze University.

8 teams took part in the event from different class sections and were split into 2 Groups. After round matches 4 teams were qualified to Semi-Finals after which the winning teams progressed to the Final and played a hard fought game in cold windy conditions. Teams captained by Ashfaque and Obaid ensured a competitive final but Ashfaque’s team beat their opponents in final game 2-0 (Best of 3 sets of 25points each) and were crowned the champions. Zahid Chowdary (Pakistan) played an integral role in setting up the win for the champions and was deservedly named as Best Player of the Tournament while Iso (Ghana) was awarded as Best Referee of the Tournament.

Members from International Students Office attended the closing ceremony and handed out the certificates and souvenirs to both the finalist teams.

(Author: Samad Ali Rizvi,Editor:Hogan)


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