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International Students Volunteer Association visited Nursing Home

International Students Volunteer Association, known as ISVA, joined Yangtze University’s Chinese Volunteer Association to visit Nursing Home in Buhe, Jingzhou on Tuesday, 15th September, 2016. ISVA operated under International Students Office. Members of ISVA spent a whole day doing voluntary work at Nursing Home.

ISVA decided to spend a day with old people on Chinese Mid Autumn Festival. Members of the ISVA traveled with Chinese students to Nursing Home. Members participated in several volunteer activities. International Students distributed Moon Cakes among people. Members also played games for them, participated in chit-chat conversation with the old people, discussed about their daily life, the problems they faced, how they enjoy their lives and get busy. International students also sang their cultural songs and showed cultural dance.

Members of the association were very interested in future trips like this, because it is very beneficial for both elders and international students.


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