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ISVA Visited The Jingzhou Old-age Home

International Students Volunteer Association which is known as ISVA visited “Old- Age Home”of Jingzhou with Yangtze University’s Chinese Volunteer Association on April 10, 2016. Members of ISVA spent a whole day doing voluntary work at old age home.

Members of the ISVA accompanied Chinese disabled person and lonely elder. Even though they live without their families and few visitors, they were still very happy and healthy. They have small patches of vegetables to grow. They have made friends and spent their time in various activities. Members participated in several volunteer activities. International Students cleaned weeds in corridors, cleaned rooms and halls and also decorated the hall with balloons and other stuff. Members of ISVA enjoyed chatting with the people who live in Old-Age Home.

International students also song their cultural songs and showed cultural dance. People enjoyed their performances. At the end of this activity, Chinese people also joined them. Everybody shared views and then gathered for taking photos. It was a wonderful and well-spent day for both ISVA members and the person who live in Old -Age Home.


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