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2016 Yangtze University International Students’ Badminton Tournament

2016 Yangtze University international students’ badminton tournament (doubles) organized by ISSA was held from April 4 to April 6 in the gym near football ground of east campus. More than 60 international students from different countries participated in the tournament.

Pair of Muhammad Assad from 2013 Fall B and Hafiz Muhammad Usman from 2014 Spring B made for the finals and got first honor in the boys’ doubles, and pair of Sofia from 2012 Fall B and Rimsha from 2014 Fall got first place in the girls’ doubles.

The teachers from International Students Office awarded the winners with medals and certificates.

Awards List of Badminton Tournament

Boy's double

Hafiz Muhammad Usman and Muhammad Assad (First Honour)

Abdul Gaffar and Musab Umair (Second Honour)

Muhammad Mugheri and Suneel Sumar (Third Honour)

Girl's double

Soofia and Rimsha Sikandar (First Honour)

Sonam Kumari Nagdev and Mahwash Farooq (Second Honour)

Tabinda Mehar and Fiza Markhan (Third Honour)

(Author:Saddam Hussain,Editor:Hogan)


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