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2016 Commencement Ceremony for International Students

2016 commencement ceremony for internationalstudents was held on January 13, 2016 in the reporting hall of 11th teaching building of East Campus. President and Vice President of Yangtze University Prof. Xi Hongxin and Prof. Li Jiabao with other faculty members and supervisors were the special guests at the ceremony.

Director of International Education College Prof. Xiao Yihu hosted the ceremony. In his speech Vice President Prof. Li Jiabao said that this is a holy moment for all graduates as despite of language barrier and culture differences they achieved their goal with the help of teachers and supervisors. He congratulated the graduates and their families and told them that they are the best investors of YU all over the world and YU will always remain a station for them. Tabinda Batool on behalf of all graduates expressed the gratitude for teachers and faculty. In the end President Prof. Xi Hongxin distributed the degrees among all graduates.

After the ceremony guests and graduates gathered for photos.

                              (Author:Saddam Hussain,Editor:Hogan)


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