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2015 Scholarship Awarding Ceremony & Orientation Session for International Students

2015 Scholarship Awarding Ceremony and Orientation Session for International Students was held in reporting hall # 405, 12th  teaching building,  East Campus on November 17, 2015 at 3 pm. Ceremony was hosted by Prof. Xiao Yihu, Director of International Office.

Prof. Li Jiabao, Vice President of Yangtze University, made a speech to welcome new students on behalf of Yangtze University and congratulated the scholarship winners. He appreciated their choice for studying here and hoped that Yangtze University will play a great role in their education. Mr. Hu Aifang, Deputy Director of International Office, announced the names of scholarship winners. Dr. Hu Ya from Medical School made a speech about her teaching experience to students.Raj Gurung shared his experience about his study as the scholarship winner and Anja Andelic talked about her life and experience on behalf of new students. Certificates of Honors were granted to the students and total of 130 international students got scholarships in 2015.

In the Orientation Session, Prof. Xiao Yihu introduced the staffs of international office to international students, and emphasized to follow both Chinese laws and the rules and regulations of Yangtze University. He also told international students how to protect their life and property, encouraged international students to take part in campus activities and not to involve themselves in disagreeable hobbies.


              (Author:Saddam Hussain,Photographer:Shahid Mushtaq Sherafgan,Editor:Hogan)


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