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Commencement Ceremony for International Master Degree Candidates

Commencement ceremony for international master degree candidates from Sep-2012 was held on June 24, 2015 in the reporting hall of 14th teaching building. 20 international medical students from Nepal got their master’s degree of medicine after 3 years hard study. Prof. Li Jiabao, Prof. Zhou Sizhu, Prof. Xiao Yihu, other professors from relative schools and departments joined in the ceremony.

Vice President of Yangtze University, Prof. Li Jiabao, congratulated the students on this special occasion. He appreciated their devotion for medical knowledge. Dr. Dipak Mall on behalf of all graduates expressed his feelings about their stay in Yangtze University. He said that this university is their temple of knowledge. He also said that despite of language barrier they never stopped questioning and their teachers never hesitated in helping them.

After the ceremony, professors and graduates posed for photographs.


                                                              (Author:Saddam Hussain,Editor:Hogan)


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