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2015 International Students Football Tournament

2015 international students football tournament  organized by ISSA was held in the football ground from June 10, 2015 to June 16, 2015. Eight teams of international students joined in the tournament comprising of students from Pakistan, Jordan, Ghana, Nepal and other countries.

Teams from MBBS 2013 Spring and MBBS 2014 Spring remained undefeated throughout the tournament and qualified for the finals. The final was an interesting and tough match, both teams were unable to score a goal during the match and extra time but in the last minutes of extra time Bernard Osei from MBBS 2014 Spring managed to score a goal for his team and lead them towards winning this tournament.

During the presentation ceremony international teachers and guests from ISO distributed the gifts, medals and trophies among the winners and runner-ups.

                           (Author:Saddam Hussain, Photographer: Shahid Mushtaq Sherafgan, Editor:Hogan)


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