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Thanksgiving Ceremony for the Nepal Earthquake Donation

Thanksgiving ceremony for the Nepal Earthquake Donation took place in the academic reporting hall of 14th teaching building in east campus on May 6, 2015. ISO staffs,  medical school teachers, representatives from two hospitals, international students and some Chinese student representatives joined in the ceremony.  

Dr Nipun started the ceremony by showing slides of the affected areas and the damage done by the natural disaster. The financial coordinator of the program Dr Saroj gave a report about the funds collection and their deposition into the Nepalese prime minister fund via Nepalese embassy in Beijing. Total CNY 138587.2 was donated by all teachers and students of Yangtze University and it's two hospitals.

A thanksgiving speech in English was delivered by Dr Dipak in which he appreciated the help given by ISO and the work done by the coordinators of the program, ISEA, ISSA and different Chinese students associations in making this program successful, and Dr PRAMEE BAJRACHARYA made a thanksgiving speech in fluent Chinese. They also appreciated the help from Chinese locals and society.

Total CNY 138587.2 was transferred to the designated bank account of Embassy of Nepal, Beijing. The receipts were shown to all teachers and students in ceremony.

                                                                            (Author:Saddam Hussain,Editor:Hogan)

                                              Appreciation Letter

Dear students, respected teachers,

Good afternoon.

Thanks for accepting our invitation to come here.

The passed  1 week is very hard for us ,our family and for whole Nepal. Yes, the earthquake on 25th of April 2015 made us all sad. For few hours  on that day we were all out of touch with our family members and near ones. Some of us contacted our family members only on 2nd or third day of the earthquake.

As we all know that Nepal was declared as state of emergency on the same day when the death rate was increased every hour by hundreds. That made the death toll to rise to around 7000 people with still thousands of missing in the capital itself and other seriously affected areas like bhaktapur, sindhupalchok, Barpak village of Gorkha district, dhading and still many more where information is not yet collected.

In short, it was a dark day although the sun was shining for us. We Nepalese students of Yangtze university were deeply touch with this disaster that took place in our land. Some of our friends have lost their houses and relatives.

We as a medical students and doctors really wanted to go to Nepal and be with our family and relatives and serve as per our capacity to the  ground level for earthquake victims. But due some circumstance that was not possible for us. Keeping in mind that those who have passed away we can only pray for them but for them who are struggling to live with pain :

We Nepalese students with the help of international students office decided to organize donation to help the victims of earthquake who have lost their houses, who have lost their sons, daughter, parents and friends, who have lost their limbs, who have no shelter to stay calm, who have no proper drinking water and no proper toilet and sanitation. who were breathing through a small whole covered by mud sand woods and bricks. I think it was not easy for them to survive.

With all these things on mind and being together with all Nepalese students, Pakistani students ,Chinese volunteers  with help of ISO and Medical School, we begin to work for the collection of money. When our country was in such a mesh, we Nepalese students were all together here with a clear mind and clear heart to help NEPAL.

As a coordinator of the program I feel proud and today I can say that though Nepal is a failed Nation, we citizens are not failed. We are always together whenever  our mother land need us. And today we have proved  with rising  amount for our nation as a team, we walked together with thirst and hunger but we still didn’t lose the hope for the nation.

But we still didn’t lose the hope. Even  the darkest night will come to an end with a sun shining in the  morning. We stay strong and we pray our Nepal to be strong. Putting a word of thanks I would like to thank all Nepalese students of this university for cooperating with the formed  committee members for the program.

We would like to thank all leaders, teachers and students in YU, ISO and Medical School, different Chinese students organizations, International Students Sports Association and International Student’s Entertainment Association , who help us in the setup of the stalls and on different situations when we need them.

We must be great full to our hospitals of post graduate students in first affiliated hospital in shahi, central hospital in Jingzhou and oncology hospital, where we got not only financial support but huge hugs of moral support and emotional support from my professors, doctors, nurses and other staffs of the hospital .

At the same time let me take this opportunity to thank  students from the west campus of Yangtze university who helped us to hold a fund raising. And I must thank the entire team  for their tremendous work and cooperation on west campus.

In addition to it, we would like to thank all Pakistani students and CR of the classes with special thanks to GULFAM CR 2011 sec B and waheed Akhtar from 2013 sec B who helped us to deliver the message to all classes in urdu.

This fund raising program for the victims of Earthquake was an opportunity for all Nepalese students to dedicate self for the need of the nation.

At last once again I thank all of you who have dedicated your time for the  our nation, your thought and your prayers that you all shared with us. And please remember if you need any help we Nepalese students community are with you.

Thank you for being with us and thank you for remembering us in your prayers

Xie xie
                                                                    All Nepalese Students in Yangtze University


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