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International Students Badminton Tournament

2015 Yangtze University international students badminton tournament (doubles) was held between January 31 to February 2 organized by ISSA in the gym near football ground of east campus. More than 80 international students from different countries like Pakistan, Nepal and Zambia participated in the tournament.

Students of MBBS 2010 Usama Sattar and Aqib Musa ruled their way for first honor in the boys’ doubles, and students of MBBS 2014 Tabinda and Fiza got first place in the girls’ doubles. The teachers from International Students Office awarded the winners with medals and gifts. During the event International Students Office also distributed snacks between the players and spectators.

"It is the first time for me to live in china in the winter vacation, and I am very happy because we can play together," student of MBBS 2014 Sarah Mwenya said after the Badminton Tournament.

In order to enrich students’ life in the winter vacation, other activities will be organized by International Students Office latter.


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