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The First ICCA Cultural Show

The First International Cultural Communication Association (hereinafter referred to as ICCA) Cultural Show was held on December 7, 2014 at 7 pm in the small Auditorium of Yangtze University.

ICCA has prepared for Cultural Show more than 1 month, and many Chinese associations were invited to join in the activity. International students and Chinese students cooperated with each other smoothly in the Cultural Show, so that international students enjoyed the beauty of Chinese culture with all its customs and various nationalities, such as Tibetan dance performance presented by Tibetan Exchange Club, in which the Nepali teachers and students danced together and portrayed Tibetan culture. Meanwhile, Chinese students also enjoyed the passionate performances given by international students.  

ICCA is under the guidance of the International Office established in May 2014. There are nearly 100 members and half of the members are international students from different countries. ICCA aims to build strong relationships between Chinese students and international students in China, and help students learn Chinese culture, so that international students can soon become fully integrated into China and Yangtze University.


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