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International Cultural Communication Association (ICCA)
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ICCA is directly guided by ISO(International Students Office) of Yangtze University. ICCA is an Academic & Cultural exchange and communication organization(club) which is administrated by students themselves in campus. This is the first association in Yangtze University which connects Chinese students with foreign students together. It was established on May ,23th ,2014.
   "Inheriting and developing Chinese culture, understanding and learning foreign culture, by means of the advantages of Yangtze University, sitting a wider and broader communicated platform for students in Yangtze University" is our purpose. We will try our best to build a strong study atmosphere in campus' cultural environment, it also can broaden students' horizon, drill students' capacity and insure the literature of campus developing healthy and stable. The most important thing is that the association can contribute its power to found a civilized campus.

Our  slogan
we care ,we learn, we respect

Activity  Range
1).Chinese/Foreign culture communication and academic exchange.
2).Extending and generalizing medical knowledge.
3).Organizing single sport meeting for friendship ,like badminton competition, basketball competition and so on.
4).Advertising the" Study abroad object " for Yangtze University, let more students know the policies about going abroad.
5).Offering the information about" Study Abroad Service" to students who will or want to go abroad to study.
6).Cooperating with other organization in Yangtze university to arrange some literatural communication activities or international cultural communication activities.
7).Holding interesting meeting for members only like many kinds of games and going out for sight-seeing ,helping each other to understand different culture.

Organization Structure
1).Board of Governors
This department consists of president, vice president, president assistants and every governors, It is the decision-making level of ICCA.
Mainly being in charge of preparing association`s meeting , making a summary after every meetng, posting every notice or news to all members.
3).Financial Ministry
it is to administrate and supervise the income and expenses of every activity.
4).Public Relations Ministry
On one side, it takes charge of contacting the enterprise to get supports, sponsors and donations, on the other side, it keeps in touch with outside world of ICCA, and puts up with the plans to develope the association.
5).Publicity Ministry
It takes charge of advertising all images of ICCA and its activity.
6).Activities Management MInistry
It's the center of ICCA, it takes charge of putting up with and organizing all kinds of activities to realize cultural communication.
7).Foreign Affairs Department
It takes charge of members' training and other schools' contacting. Besides, it will take charge of the crisis public relations.
8).Members Ministry
It protects members' privileges. It takes charge of putting up with and organizing many kinds of interesting activities which only members can take part in .

Organization Culture
Spiritual culture: Sincerity, Innovation, Challenge, Responsibility.
Internal Culture: We are a family, everyone has their own value and position.
Welcome to join us !
ICCA Official QQ number :498029317


Joreen Alan, President of ICCA

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