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International Students Sports Association (ISSA)
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Dr. Abdul Rahim Kaheri : Founder & Chairman
Dr. Saddam Hussain :           Vice Chairman

International Students Sports Association also known as ISSA, founded on 5th march 2014. ISSA is directly guided by International Student's Office. ISSA is the first association for international Students in Yangtze University to enhance the healthy and recreational activities among the international students to build a friendly environment in the campus. ISSA is runned by the members selected from the International Students from different countries,such as Pakistan, Nepal,Ghana, Zambia etc.
ISSA consists of one Chairman, one Vise Chairman, one Assistant, two secretarys, and some hard working members with innovative and creative ideas.
Some successful events organized by ISSA:
• Badminton
• Cricket
• Volleyball
• Football
• Basketball
• Tug-of-war
• Table tennis
ISSA wants to bring international Students together from all over Yangtze University and provides the opportunity to make new friendship, work together and great memories during their stay in Yangtze University through participating in a variety of sports.

The purpose of ISSA is not only pure competition, but to promote friendship between international students and Chinese students.
Say Yes to sports, Say no to drugs....!!!

You can share your ideas or views about any of the past or upcoming events,and give us your suggestions.Feel free to talk with Dr.Abdul Rahim Kaheri, Chairman of International Students Sports Association (ISSA).

Abdul Rahim Kaheri, Chairman of ISSA

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