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International Student’s Entertainment Association (ISEA)
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Founder and Chairman : Abdul Wahab Khan
Deputy Chairman : Majid Khan , Ahsan Shahzad

ISEA is the student’s association of Yantze University. It was founded by students of Yangtze University in the year of 2014 to carry out entertainment activities. Many entertaining events were organized by ISEA. It is composed of one chairman , two deputy chairman and some hard working , passionate and  entertaining members with innovative and creative ideas. Some of the ravishing events organized and held by ISEA are :

Cultural Show

Voice Of Yangtze

The biggest show ever held in Yangtze University was cultural show. Cultural show depicted the culture of international students including Pakistani, Nepalis,  Cameroonians, Koreans and some natives through the art of dancing and singing. It was held in the auditorium and a large audience of about 2500 came to witness the greatest show ever.

2.Voice Of Yangtze:
A singing competition held by ISEA, harvesting the singing talent of the students of Yangtze University. Many students of Yangtze University showed their interest and participated in the show. Students fought through different entertaining rounds and the show was a success.

ISEA is greatly supported by International Student Office (ISO), who is always there to provide any kind of help and co-ordinated with ISEA from the beginning in every show. We all hope to see you in Yangtze University and in our entertaining events. We suggest you all to keep entertaining, inspiring and working hard as we try to do.

Abdul Wahab Khan, Chairman of ISEA

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